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Panda VPN Free is the free version of PandaVPN, a virtual private network. VPN apps, such as Panda VPN, allow you to access the internet through a secure server to protect your data and browsing.


As a VPN, Panda VPN allows you to access the Internet across the world. The primary purpose of a VPN is to make your browsing private and protect you from malware, predatory tactics, and abuse from your internet service provider. Alongside this, the service allows you to access websites and services that would otherwise be restricted.

By setting your IP address to be recognized from a different country, such as Russia, China, or the United Kingdom, you can access various services you wouldn’t otherwise be able to. One popular use is to access shows that aren’t available in your country through online television services such as Hulu.


Unfortunately, Panda VPN is an app that’s difficult to trust. The app’s origins are confusing with contradictory claims surrounding the app. That it’s based in either the United States or the Seychelles Archipelago. Evidence suggests that it possibly originates in China as well, a country with even stricter rules against personal privacy than the United States.

Alongside this, the app occasionally fails to load certain servers in a seemingly random fashion. Reviewers have noted that their connection to certain servers remains poor even while using the VPN. 

While using a free VPN, there’s an increased chance of being attacked by malware due to the reduced security. Additionally, there’s less guarantee that these VPNs will be held accountable for anything that happens on the app.


There are many free VPN services that are available as alternatives to PandaVPN. UFO VPN Basic and HMA VPN are both free alternatives. Both options are free to use and have their own risks.

Our take

Panda VPN Free is a high-quality VPN app that allows you to access servers across the world. However, the app may not be as trustworthy as one would need for a VPN, especially a free VPN where there’s typically less protection.

Should you download it?

No, the risks are too high for the offered benefits. You can try X-VPN as an alternative.


  • Free
  • High-quality VPN server access


  • Difficult to trust
  • Possibility of being infected by malware

Program available in other languages

PandaVPN Free -To be the best and fastest free VPNfor Android


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