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A reliable antivirus freeware. You’re in luck since Lookout is just the thing!

We’ve moved past the age of perimeters where data risk was predictable. With that said, data protection should be your paramount concern in choosing the most efficient antivirus app for your mobile devices. Propitiously, Lookout is paving the way for a safer, phishing-free Internet.

A reliable antivirus freeware 

Now that online transactions are becoming common in the forms of banking and other related fields, you should start considering getting a more rigorous security system.

We all know the basics of mobile security and antivirus software. Its basic function is to protect your devices from virtual viruses that can affect your productivity and security. But with this app, you can now be invulnerable from malware, adware, spyware, and other online threats.Wireless protectionPublic WiFi attacks are more common than you think. Cyber attackers can anonymously access your most sensitive data on various mobile devices as soon as you connect to a public WiFi. The risks and threats will continually grow the more you involve yourself in different online activities. But you’re in luck, Lookout has a feature which can give you immediate alerts of suspicious online networks and websites.Aside from its security functions, the app will help you in keeping your phone optimized all the time by sending alerts whenever it detects malfunction and overusage within your operating system. Eventually, you’ll also get into the habit of being a wiser Internet user since the app will notify you when a page you’re about to visit seems malicious. This will keep you away from any possible attacks when your judgment falters. Identity preservation Downloading the mobile antivirus lets you secure your online identity and privacy. The app has a team of restoration experts that will assist you in reclaiming your information from the hands of hackers.

Moreover, the app will aid you to locate your phone during any event of theft. Identity theft is one of the most helpful features of the app. It allows you to track the device on its map and produce warning signs such as setting off an alarm even if your phone is on silent mode.

Where can you run this program?

You can have a better and safer Internet surfing by downloading the app on your Android and iOS devices.

Is there a better alternative?

Even though the app offers great online protection for mobile devices, its features are not quite unique in comparison with its counterparts. In lieu of this app, you can also check out and install Avira Mobile Security which protects your online sensitive information such as billing details and bank accounts. Just like Lookout, the app is also great in preventing phishing, and features anti-theft tools, too.

Our take

The components of their premium plan can actually be found on other similar free apps. There’s not much to be paid for. However, the app’s free version works well with Android and iOS devices.

Should you download it?

Yes. We recommend downloading the Lookout app, but purchasing the premium version is totally your call considering that there are other better similar free apps.


  • Modern-looking interface
  • Sends reports and alerts about possible threats
  • Blocks malicious websites from loading


  • Reported bugs
  • Customer support needs major improvements
  • Features are not that unique compared to its counterparts

Program available in other languages

Lookout Security & Antivirusfor Android


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