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Create timeless videos without the fear of losing them with Marco Polo

Not everyone has time to consume long-form content today. Marco Polo Video lets you send short videos to relatives or friends which they can watch at any time and as many times as you want. The app also lets you do fun stuff with the videos to make the experience all the more exciting.

Video walkie talkie

It’s like Snapchat for sentimental people.

The basics of Marco Polo is nearly the same as Snapchat, which lets you create a short video and send it to friends. Your friends will reply with their own video as well.

What separates the two is how the former stores your video in the cloud. Unlike Snaps, you can watch Marco Polo videos as many times as you want. 

Filters and effects

You can have fun when making your videos with filters, which you can use by sliding the video to the right or left. Marco Polo also has a voice changer that makes you sound like someone with a deep voice or are stuck in a helium chamber room.

What I have to point out with the filters is how there are no indicators as to how you can use them on the screen. I had to watch a guide on YouTube 

The app gives you the option to add texts, emojis, and doodles to the video. You can also leave behind emoji responses to your friend's videos.

Contacts and privacy

As a privacy feature, you can only add people to your friend list via the contact list within your phone. This drastically lessens the risk of an anonymous user from finding your videos.

Where can you run this program?

The Marco Polo Chat App can run on phones with Android 4.3 or better. The app is also available for Apple devices that run on iOS 10.0 or better.

Is there a better alternative?

Snapchat is the most similar app to Marco Polo that lets you send tiny videos to friends. This alternative app also lets you share snaps or videos to followers.

Our take

We like the concept of preserving your video chat with someone since there are some moments I want to keep coming back to. However, I do not want to have every other video populating the chatbox below my friend's profile. It can be a pain to sort through the videos and keeping it tidy since they do not have a title, only a running clip. The filters, voice changers, and other graphics features are a good addition, even if the number of options pales in comparison to another similar video chat app.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you want the ability to save your friend's video chat and privacy from strangers, we recommend getting the Marco Polo app.


  • Videos cloud storage
  • Scribble and writing features
  • Voicemail videos
  • Emoji reactions to other videos
  • Voice changing feature


  • Privacy issue with contacts
  • Some features are hidden or not explained
  • Its interface needs an update

Program available in other languages

Marco Polofor Android


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