Free Data Recoveryfor Windows



Resurrect files from the recycle bin

Nothing is lost forever in the world of computers. Let Free Data Recovery show you how easy it is to those supposedly lost files.

Data recovery has never been so easy

Relax; those missing files aren’t lost forever! Free Data Recovery will recover damaged or deleted files.

Find those missing photos, documents, videos, and more with Free Data Recovery. This software is what you use to dig through the ‘holes’ in your computer and pull out any files you need.

Did you delete a file and then change your mind? That’s what this program is for. Emptying your recycle bin isn’t as permanent as you might think! Thundersoft’s software will retrieve anything that you permanently deleted in case you have a change of heart.

Restore damaged files with a deep scan. This will detect any photos, music, documents, and emails that were not saved correctly on your computer. Find the business data you were searching for.

If you lack knowledge in tech, no need to worry. This piece of software has a simple interface and is suitable for people with any level of computing knowledge. Choose between a standard or deep scan and let the software work. A regular scan will bring up folders that are damaged or haven’t saved to the computer correctly. Delve deeper into your computer’s hidden files with a deep scan and let it find the most hidden information for you.

Connect a USB stick, mobile phone, memory card, or other external device, and let Free Data Recovery find any partitioned files for you. This works well if your device has malfunctioned and you want to retrieve the data from it. It can be dangerous or damage your computer if you connect it improperly, however.

Where can you run this program?

This program is available on any version of Windows. There are other versions of the software available for Mac and Linux.

Is there a better alternative?

No. This software is free to use and functions well. If you want a more advanced data recovery kit, try Wondershare.

Our take

Free Data Recovery does exactly what its name suggests. The software is efficient and perfect for anyone who needs to recover files quickly.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need to retrieve those essential files, this is what you need.


  • Free to use
  • Friendly interface
  • Range of formats and sources


  • Complications with external devices
  • Accesses sensitive information
  • Can’t recover all files

Free Data Recoveryfor Windows


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