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The CW Network is one of the few streaming services that let you catch a full episode of popular TV series for free. You also get extra content for certain shows. In exchange for the free streaming service, the app has several shortcomings you should take note of.

Free CW streams

The main feature of Starz is its numerous movies that you can watch at any time

CW’s biggest draw is its list of top-rated shows, including DC’s superhero series such as The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. The platform has reality TV shows like Whose Line is it Anyway and Penn & Teller: Fool Us. CW even has many seed shows like Constantine and Alcatraz.

Apart from episodes, the app also provides a series of additional content from certain episodes. This includes behind-the-scenes video or cast interviews. It is important to note that each show on the app will not have all of its episodes or seasons. The platform will only have a few episodes available for streaming. Over time, the CW App will upload new episodes of certain shows. It’s a good thing you can get notification alert if this happens.

Free to watch

The second appeal of the CW App is its free service. You do not need to pay for anything or even enter a credit card just to watch Dynasty or All American. You can watch all of the site’s episodes for free.

The catch to the free content is the advertisements peppered around each episode. Expect about five to eight commercials appearing on the stream before a single show ends. This business model is understandable since the CW needs a way to monetize its videos someway. It is similar to the way local TV channels work.

Where can you run this program?

The CW Network app is available on devices running the Android OS such as phones and Smart TV. A CW App Apple version is also available on devices with the iOS 10.3 OS or better.

Is there a better alternative? 

Shows on the CW Network is available in another streaming platform such as Netflix. The app has a full season’s worth of episodes from the likes of Supergirl and Charmed that you can binge on. You can even download the shows so you can watch it even when you have no network connection.

Our take

You get what you paid for with the CW App. In exchange for going through ads, you get to watch episodes of many popular TV series at any time you want. While you only get a handful of episodes at a time, the app updates its lineup over time. This allows you to still watch a full season of a TV show without having to pay anything.

Should you download it?

Yes, the CW App is free to use and enjoy. This kind of streaming service is like YouTube videos. But the CW gives you full episodes instead of just clips.


  • CW TV series
  • Free to stream
  • Additional extras
  • CW Seed shows


  • Incomplete series
  • No commercial-free options
  • Reported bugs

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