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Remote access

Many use remote access as a great way to show their stored data and run demonstrations of software from their mobile device. It’s also a great tool for helping someone set up programs.

Desktop on your phone

Freely manipulate any desktop straight from your phone, without compromising either device’s security.

Teamviewer is one of the popular options for remote access to your computer, regardless of the distance between you and the other device. This tool makes it feel like you’re sitting right in front of the desktop you’re connected with.

Connecting is easy; all you need to do is ensure that the computer has its own version of TeamViewer installed. Once that’s done, grab the password and identification number for that specific pc. Without these details, nobody can access the computer. This is one of many reasons that Teamviewer is safe. Other reasons include the ability to disable the mouse and other controls. Doing this helps you prevent anyone connected to your PC from accessing private information.

Once you’ve connected the quality of the stream is astounding. You can clearly see the desktop’s display in great resolution. Sometimes your connection speed is sacrificed for this quality, though. Using the interface can be frustrating. The design is clunky and covers most of your screen. This takes away from the picture quality.

This application is expensive to use, ranging in the hundreds. But, for this cost, it is surprising that the app still has bugs occasionally. These bugs are more common on older devices, given that TeamViewer does consume a lot of iPhone’s resources.

Where can you run this program?

TeamViewer is available for IOS and Android devices and works with the Windows or Mac versions available.

Is there a better alternative?

No. But there is a cheaper alternative. TeamViewer is expensive and only worthwhile for professionals. Anydesk is a great choice that’s free for your personal use.

Our take

TeamViewer is a great application and offers many functions, both personal and professional. The main issue is that there are a few bugs that make it difficult to use.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re considering using this connectivity application in a professional setting, it’s a fantastic choice.


  • Safe
  • Easy to connect
  • Great visual quality


  • Bad interface design
  • Laggy connection
  • Plenty of bugs

TeamViewerfor iOS


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