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The perfect app for monkeying around

Killing time is better when you're having fun. So enjoy this great app and meet new friends.

Meet people

The Monkey app helps you become more sociable within your preferred circles.

Come across anyone on a call that only lasts for 15 seconds. This feature improves rapport building because video calls make people know that they are talking to a real person and not just a bot.

Similarity tags are available to let the app match you to people you are compatible with. You can pick subjects like Single, LGBTQ, Rate Me 1-10 and more to start a conversation. Once you vibe with who you’re talking to, you can choose to extend the time or follow them.

Two is better than one

Select a friend of yours and invite them to a group call. The two of you can meet people together. This feature will help users who are a bit shy. Try this component out so you can improve your social skills with a companion. The app also has a text chat option if you’re not comfortable with the thought of showing your face to strangers or vice versa.

The app will also let you post Moments where you can post short clips of yourself. You can talk about anything and people can respond to you by sending you a direct message. This is a good conversation starter or simply just an outlet for you to express yourself.

Creating safe spaces

In partnership with the Crisis Text Line, the app lets its user base have access to crisis counselors who are trained to handle calls. The lines are open 24/7. All you need to do is send a message to 741741 with the message “HELLO” if you are feeling mentally unwell. You may also direct other Monkey users here if they seem like they need someone to talk to. 

Where can you run this program?

Meet and hit people up by installing this app on Android and iOS devices. You need iOS 10.0  and higher to install this app. 

Is there a better alternative?

There are apps similar to Monkey that you can use without downloading an app. On Chatroulette, you can pick between text, video chat, or voice chat as a form of communication. The online tool also filters indecent content.

Our take

It’s a new take on the classic online chat room except it’s optimized for mobile devices. Plus, the timer makes everything all the more exciting.Should you download it?

Should you download it?

Yes. Kill time and broaden your social circles with Monkey.


  • Offers helpline service
  • User-friendly interface
  • Exclusive merch


  • Unsafe for kids
  • No security measures to protect users
  • Privacy protocol

Monkeyfor iOS


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