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Your home, your freedom, your workout

While formerly free, Sworkit Fitness and Workout moved into a subscription model, which gives you access to their abundant, well-curated programs. All of these options are made to be used at home with little to no equipment.

Find your own way

Sworkit specializes in making your home into the perfect environment for building your body.

The app comes with a variety of workout plans for you to partake in from yoga to upper body strength as so on. Building your workout is easy with their well-designed personalization section. Also, the overall design of the app is smooth and modern, making you feel right at home while keeping it simple.

Sworkit comes with a seven-day trial to allow you to get to know the program and see if you want to get it. The kid’s workouts are all free as well. After that, it charges you on either a monthly or annual basis.

The one place where this application falls short in comparison to the other like Fitstar is the lack of a test to see where you are physically. Without this, it may take a few tries to find which program is right for your level of advancement.

Where can you run this program?

This program can run on Android 5.0 and upwards.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, Fitstar is a good example of a program of a more focused planner. 8fit doesn’t have as much workout variety, but it has more areas of assistance like dieting and more personal workouts.

Our take

Sworkit is a good app at a reasonable price. There are some other applications which are quite similar but have different specialization. It has a wide variety of workouts available and has everything you need to go for a while.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you are willing to pay the fee and spend time consistently building your physique.


  • Personalizable workouts
  • A high number of choices
  • A well-balanced price range


  • No individualized testing

Program available in other languages

Sworkit Fitnessfor Android


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