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Supermarket Simulator 3D Store - Realistic simulation experience

Supermarket Simulator 3D Store is a realistic simulation. This game, which you can play on Android devices, lets you step into the role of a supermarket manager. You get to handle everything from stocking the shelves to ensuring customers are happy. It’s a detailed game that mixes strategy with day-to-day management tasks

Run your supermarket

In Supermarket Simulator 3D Store, you start with a small store and work to make it bigger. As you play, you can buy more products, expand your store, and adjust prices to make sure you’re making money and attracting more customers.

  • Product Management: Make sure you always have a variety of items on your shelves, from basic things like bread and milk to special items like fancy cheeses and organic foods.
  • Store Expansion: As you sell more, you can make your store larger and offer more products and services.
  • Dynamic Pricing and Promotions: Change your prices and offer deals to attract more customers. Monitor what’s popular and adjust your prices to stay competitive.
  • Security Measures: Set up security systems and hire security guards to prevent theft and ensure your profits stay safe.

The game lets you change almost everything about your store, from its appearance to what it sells. You can decorate and make your store look unique, which can help attract more shoppers.

Supermarket Simulator 3D Store gameplay

The Supermarket Simulator 3D Store challenges you to be the best store manager. The game is easy to understand but challenging to master, covering all parts of managing a supermarket.

  • Inventory Management: Managing your stock well is key. You need to order the right amount of products at good prices to make sure you never run out.
  • Customization Options: You can change your store's appearance by choosing different themes, colors, and decorations. This makes your store more appealing and can make customers happier.
  • Staff Management: It’s important to hire, train, and manage your staff well to keep your store running smoothly and keep customers happy.
  • Customer Interaction: Pay attention to what your customers say and how happy they are. This helps you improve your services and products, keeping your customers returning.

This game gives you a real feel for running a supermarket, including dealing with money, managing supplies, and handling unexpected issues like theft. It’s not just for fun; it’s a great way to learn about retail.

Supermarket Simulator 3D Store is a great way to explore the world of retail management. It’s fun, engaging, and educational, perfect for anyone looking to get a taste of managing their own store.


  • Great graphics for mobile
  • Fun gameplay
  • Realistic simulation


  • Too many ads
  • Lacks some important features like a storage room

Also available in other platforms

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Supermarket Simulator 3D Storefor Android


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