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Farm Town is a free-to-play mobile farming game with a variety of crops and tasks to complete. The game lets you build and improve your farm to maximize your storage capacity. However, this task is complex and may require many hours of grinding to find the premium items you need.

Farm Town is similar to many other games based on farming and building towns such as Hay Day, CastleVille, and Township. However, the gameplay is more repetitive in Farm Town than in any of its alternatives, making it harder to progress without getting exhausted.

Facebook community

Farm Town has a thriving Facebook community, ideal for sharing in-game stories and events. However, the game doesn’t run on Facebook due to the removal of flash game support for online games.

Fun art-style

This title uses a simple, cartoonish art style to show off characters, crops, and machinery. This style draws away from the realism and makes the simulator feel more like a game, painting it in a more fun way.

Variety of tasks

The game offers a selection of crops to harvest, machines to use, and a kiosk to sell your goods. The correct usage of these features is the key to leveling up fast.

Repetitive gameplay

Farm Town requires you to log in daily and manage your farm. There’s no help to harvest crops if you take a few days off. 

Hard to progress

Your limited barn storage space makes this game even more frustrating. Upgrading your barn or silo requires a large number of resources. Additionally, you’ll need to find premium items to remove trees and make space on your plot.

Our take

While Farm town is a fun game to play and great for passing the time, it can quickly become tedious. The title is filled with repetitive tasks you’ll need to repeat daily to progress at a reasonable pace. Unless you spend money on in-app purchases, you may find yourself stuck with a filled barn.

Should you download it?

No. There are many better alternatives if you want to create a miniature farm on your mobile device.


  • Great Facebook community
  • Plenty of crops to grow


  • Hard to progress without spending money
  • Repetitive gameplay

Farm Townfor Android


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