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My Child Lebensborn APK by Sarepta Studio is a free simulation game for Android that lets you adopt a child who survived the war. First, you’ll choose the gender of the child, and then your journey as a foster parent begins. The children won’t understand the circumstances, so you’ll have an emotional roller-coaster ride as you explain the details.

If you’re into simulation games, you can also try Internet Cafe Simulator, Streamer Life Simulator, PowerWash Simulator, and The Sims 3. However, none of them have such an emotional touch as this title. While you spend your time caring for the child, you’ll hear what it was like for them before you met them.

Meet your new child

My Child Lebensborn will send goosebumps up your skin as you learn about the children's past. You’ll talk to them and explain how things work, which may conflict with how they understood things before. You’ll have some response choices when they ask you questions, which will affect how they respond to you.

Taking care of them

One of the main objectives of My Child Lebensborn is taking care of your adopted son or daughter. There are icons at the bottom of the screen that features a specific task and status. You can bathe, feed them, or you can end the day so that they can regain energy for the following morning.


You’ll also find activities you and your child can do together such as teaching them how to fish or providing them with wisdom. There are also puzzles you can engage with, which can be beneficial to both of you.

Our take

My Child Lebensborn is an interesting game with a slow pace, but it delivers an emotional tale that’ll keep you hooked. The game creates a connection that's hard to forget. It drives you to complete the activities to care for your child to learn more about them after each task.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re into simulation titles with intriguing stories. However, it has short gameplay with few customizations and features. The focus is more on the plot.


  • Emotional tale
  • Several activities
  • Engages the mind and the heart


  • Short gameplay
  • Few customizations

Program available in other languages

My Child Lebensbornfor Android


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