Gacha Animatorfor Android

Beta 2.0.1


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Gacha Animator is a free app for gacha games on Android devices. The app offers limited features and requires some learning to understand its animation system. However, the pictures exported are impressive thanks to the element of custom poses.

This app is similar to other titles in the Gacha series, like Gacha Life, Gacha Club, and Gacha Studio. The graphics and many of the mechanics are the same as the previous games. However, while there are new features, it also lacks many social aspects compared to other similar apps.

Create your own character

The Gacha Animator app allows you to create an unlimited number of characters using in-game clothing and fashion styles. However, the dress options are limited, and eventually, your avatars will begin to look similar. Fortunately, there are enough clothing options to ensure you won’t have hundreds of the same characters.

Poses and animations

A new feature in this Gacha game allows you to create custom poses and animations. These customization options allow you to express the personalities of the characters you’ve made. Additionally, they provide the framework for users to become creators of entertaining videos and comics. For both poses and animations, you’re able to create and save an unlimited amount.

Export images

After posing and dressing your character, there’s an option to export your creation as a PNG image, which allows for easy sharing. This feature encourages the creation and sharing of comics and designs within the Gacha community.

Easier to learn

One of the issues in previous Gacha titles used to be the difficulty of learning to tween. The process of tweening generates intermediate frames that transition to two key animation frames. 

Although this process is more straightforward, it requires relearning for experienced users. However, if you’re new to the app, you’ll likely find the simplification makes it easier to become a Gacha Animator creator.

Our take

Overall, the Gacha Animator APK is a simple addition to the series that takes a step towards more interactive characters. Once you’ve designed your character and posed them, there’s an option to export the finished display as an image. Compared to the previous tweening process for animation, Gacha Animator is easier to learn.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’re a fan of the Gacha Life series or want to try your hand at simplistic animating with a custom avatar, this app is for you.


  • Create custom poses
  • Dress up your own character with plenty of outfit options
  • Unlimited character storage
  • Create animations


  • Animations are time-limited

Gacha Animatorfor Android

Beta 2.0.1

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