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Talk with anyone, anywhere.

Skype is a well known instant messaging application, letting you send and receive voice and video calls as well as text and pictures from friends and groups. Chat with anyone around the globe.

Free voice and video

Chat with friends across the world or your mom next door using Skype, an instant messaging service that uses data.

Join Skype and chat with friends, family and gaming buddies today. This instant messaging application lets you add contacts directly from your phone or search for them from around the world. When expanding your contact list, make sure you know more than just their username, or you may add the wrong person’s contact details on skype.

Plan business meetings and attend them from the other side of the country or in the comfort of your own home, maybe even both. Calendar integration ensures that you’ll never miss a date thanks to easily being able to attach a calendar notification onto a message containing a date or time. Skype works on almost any device, with minor compatibility issues.

Video calling is great if you’re giving an important business presentation, talking with grandma, or showing your gaming friends how well you can play. On a video call, you’re able to add multiple callers and adjust the quality displayed on the screen.

With Skype working through data and WiFi, you’ll never need to waste precious airtime when sharing your favorite memes, essential charts, and figures or a video that documents some awesome part of your life. You and your friends can install Skype even if they aren’t on android as Skype can be installed virtually anywhere.

Where can you run this program?

This program runs on the latest Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux, and IOS systems.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, while Skype offers many features it is shadowed by Discord. Discord is an online community application that offers almost the same features as Skype but also gives you much more.

Our take

Skype is a great but date application that still receives use in a professional light. Adding contacts can be a hassle, but after that, you can chat away.

Should you download it?

No, as much as Skype has to offer the alternative is more worthwhile to you in any area of use.


  • Calendar integration
  • Make calls with WiFi or data
  • Send media files
  • Adjust video quality
  • Instant messaging


  • Some compatibility issues
  • Adding contacts is confusing
  • Doesn’t always sync

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Skypefor Android

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