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Sideline keeps your life aligned

Burner phones are often seen in spy movies used by people who need to go undercover. In reality, it is used for business, too. You can take advantage of the same perks without having to pocket another device around through Sideline.

How it works

While the app is not the best in the market, it works well.

Sideline works by using your current network to make the calls rather than directing you to VoIPs. The app also works as a port for other numbers you have. 

Signing up for the messaging app is a quick process. Look for you area code in the directory so you can begin processing your alternative contact number. A separate number can be handy when compartmentalizing business from personal life. 

Create your own number and make your brand recognizable. Expand your branding efforts by ornamenting buzzwords on your contact information. Clients can remember you faster this way.

Similarly, as you may know, starting a business is easy but keeping it is hard. Sideline gets that. This business tool makes it less of a hassle to communicate with your team by giving out a team number. Share a single number between the team to streamline communication.

The app makes replying less complicated. Send automated texts when the calls get too much to handle. Put in links in the text to redirect potential clients. The automatic messages can also be set up to display your brand’s logo. Arrange and enable messages on your settings.

For those who have an off day and forget to bring their phones to work, do not stress. Sideline makes sure that you don’t pay for that simple mistake through its easy-to-access web messaging. Continue operations with your Sideline number through the computer.

Where can you run this program?

The number app supports both operating systems. 

Is there a better alternative?

Earn money just by having a free backup number. TextNow lets you send unlimited texts and calls in the US and Canada. Completing offers sent to your account will earn you money on the app.

Our take

It is an app on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Users only get one number and for some, this may be a big limitation. But this works wonders for people who do not have the budget to buy a second phone. 

Should you download it?

 No. The app does not boast as many perks as its competitor TextNow and has reported bugs.


  • Auto-reply feature
  • Customizable business number
  • Easy number porting


  • Provides only one number
  • Will eat up your current phone plan
  • Reported bugs

Program available in other languages

Sideline - Custom Second Line for Small Businessfor Android


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