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Free file sharing app

SHAREit is a free utility for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices. The application quickly transfers files between mobile devices and computers that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This app creates a hotspot for devices to connect to, allowing a private connection between the sender and receiver.

Quickly share files

SHAREit is a quick way to transfer files, APKs, images, and contacts to another mobile device or computer. The service is over 200 times faster than the commonly used Bluetooth option built into your phone. Using this application, you can send any file type, even if your mobile device doesn't recognize what it's used for, turning your mobile into a transferable memory drive.

Using the service is a great way to transfer your information from an Android phone to your iPhone or iPad.

Supports all devices

SHAREit works across almost any platform, including any version of Linux on the Ubuntu framework. Additionally, the app functions on iOS devices, Macbooks, Windows computers, and Android phones. This cross-sharing ability lets you quickly receive files from friends and coworkers regardless of the device they're using.

Private album

The private album feature of SHAREit requires an annual subscription after a three-day free trial. Using this feature protects your photos and other files with encryption technology, keeping them safe from prying eyes. However, many private album applications don't require a subscription.

Well-designed interface

The SHAREit interface uses a simplistic blue design that's easy to navigate. From the main menu, you can access the sharing options, received files such as music, images, and videos, and as well as access your profile. Using the profile editing option allows you to stand out and let friends find your device to share files.

Our take

SHAREit is a fantastic tool that quickly sends files between devices and is entirely safe to use. It's similar to other sharing applications such as Xender and ShareMe but offers higher speeds and a file vault. The app's ability to share between different platforms is handy and makes it easy to backup your phone to a computer.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you frequently share files or need to backup your phone's information, SHAREit is a great app to download.


  • Quickly transfer files between devices
  • Backup and copy your phone
  • Works on local Wi-Fi or hotspot


  • Can get stuck when sending lots of individual files

SHAREit - Connect Transferfor iOS


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