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Purble Placefor Windows



A set of three minigames for Windows PCs

Purble Place is a set of single-player minigames developed by Oberon Media. The download package comes with three different puzzle games, which have been designed for people of all age groups. Each game focuses on developing the player’s coordination, memory, and deduction skills. 

Also, Purble Place ensures a lot of fun and feels refreshing despite the basic gameplay options and graphics. The puzzles become more challenging as you progress and keep you occupied for hours in one go.

Have fun playing light-hearted classic Windows games

Purble Place is a combination of casual Windows games from 2007. These were first released for the Windows Vista operating system. However, currently they’re supported by Windows XP and above versions of the OS. Each game in the package works independently from another. From the menu section of the program, you can access each game. The titles include ‘Purble Pairs’, ‘Comfy Cakes’, and ‘Purble Shop’. All of them feature their own take on some classic Windows games.

What is Purble Pairs?

Purble Pairs focuses on pattern recognition. The fun game takes a different approach on classic match-two titles. Your objective is to clear a field of cards. To do this, you reveal two cards with the same image in a single turn. You need to clean the grids on the screen, which come in the form of 5x5 grids, 6x6 grids, and 8x8 grids. 

As you progress in the game, the number of grids keeps increasing. With each grid, more images get displayed, making every round tougher. The game download features a ‘Sneak Peak’ option, which reveals the remaining cards.

What is Comfy Cakes?

Comfy Cakes is the second title in the Purble Place package. It focuses on hand-eye coordination. The classic game requires you to manage a bakery, where you need to make a cake to match an order. You can assemble the cake with different flavors, shapes, icing, sizes, and decorations. 

Depending on the specific order, you can make a multi-layered cake or a single-tier one. To earn more points, you can even decorate the cake lavishly. The only requirement is that your creation should match the order. Failure to do this can lead to a penalty. If you send an inaccurate order three consecutive times, you lose the game.

What is Purble Shop?

Purble Shop is a simple mathematics test designed in the form of a code-breaker game. It displays five features, including a set of eyes, a nose, a hat, and clothing. At the beginning of the game, these items are hidden from the player. The objective is to select an assortment of colors, figure out the correct color, and match it with a specific feature in the least number of moves.

The game starts with only three colors, which keep increasing as you progress further. Purble Shop is the most interesting one of these minigames and keeps you engaged with challenging combinations.

How’s the gameplay and graphics?

Compared to Candy Crush, Chicken Invaders, Hill Climb Racing, and other similar titles, this Windows game comes with basic graphics and gameplay options. While the games were originally designed for kids, people of all age groups can enjoy this.

None of the available games has a plot or storyline. Thanks to the cartoonish characters, buildings, and other elements, you don’t feel bored or monotonous. However, Purble Place doesn’t have a multiplayer mode.

Purble Place game download is a simple, straightforward, and challenging gaming package. With the fun games, you can experience dynamic cognitive learning. While the graphics could be improved, the games are educational and enjoyable. In future versions, a multiplayer mode will be an excellent addition.

Our take

Purble Place is a classic game designed to offer fun and engagement in a simple and straightforward manner. With ‘cutesy’ charm and cartoon-ish characters, the game keeps you engaged in a fun world. As you progress, each of the three minigames becomes more challenging, keeping you at your toes all the while.

Should you download it?

Yes, definitely! If you’ve been looking for classic Windows games, Purble Place will be a great choice. While the games used to be pre-installed on Windows Vista, they play smoothly on other versions of the operating system, including Windows 7 and Windows 10. You just download, install, and voilà!


  • Comes with three different games
  • Improves cognitive skills
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Features challenging puzzles


  • Basic graphics and gameplay options

Program available in other languages

Purble Placefor Windows


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