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Clash of Clans by Supercell is among the best-known village builder games for Android. Thanks to Tencent’s Gaming Buddy, you can form your kingdom, populate it with villagers, and train troops on your Windows PC. Clash with others and conquer land to grow into the most powerful clan in existence.

Build and defend

Tower defense games take a straightforward approach and add a spin to it. Like Plants vs. Zombies and Bloons TD 6, CoC has you gather resources and build a settlement. However, it takes an appealing, medieval-cartoonish approach that adds a unique charm to the gameplay. 

There’s more to the game than civilization-building, though. You’ll get 14 warrior types in four different troop tiers who become more apt at fortifying your settlement with each day of training. Specific structural improvements also make you more capable of withstanding attacks. 

While strategic thinking will get you far, some grinding or in-app purchases might also be necessary to become the mightiest clan leader.

PC action

The developers didn’t add any new features while adapting CoC for Windows.

Instead, they built on the established foundation, keeping the fundamental aspects of the much-loved mobile game. The only novelty to get used to is the change in controls. You’ll click instead of tapping your touchscreen to perform actions. 

Plus, the colorful character design, detailed maps, and chaotic battles seem even more impressive on computer displays. 

Join a clan

This title wouldn’t be half as good without the dedicated player community continually organizing combat, creating alliances, and attacking opponents. You’ll always have to consider your neighbors while determining your next move. 

It’s possible to go solo and play the campaign, but this game’s real beauty lies in communication, especially when you join a clan. In that case, the PvP battles support up to 50 players on each side.

Our take

Overall, CoC works fantastically on Widows. The controls are straightforward but in-depth, everything looks great, and the player communities make it an entertaining experience through-and-through.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoyed this game on mobile, the desktop version takes everything you loved most about it and makes it even better.

Clash of Clansfor Windows


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