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Chicken Invaders is a comical riff on a gaming classic

Chicken Invaders is a free game that updates the classic Space Invaders formula with a comical twist. Clime into your spacecraft and do battle against hordes of invading chickens!

An old game is new again

The premise of Chicken Invaders is simple: Earth is being invaded by chickens, and your job is to shoot them before they get you. The basic mechanics will be recognizable from the classic Space Invaders, but this comical re-invention has a few new additions to the format to update it for the era of addictive games like Candy Crush Saga. The first batch of chickens you fight will be in standard Space Invaders formation, but others will be different.

Different types of wave

As the game progresses, you will be tasked with fighting new types of enemy. These include chickens that circle a planet and are harder to hit at, along with meteors that take a lot of hits to destroy. Eventually, you will go into battle against a giant boss chicken. When you defeat him, the game will repeat from the first wave, although enemies will now be faster and stronger.

Our take

Chicken Invaders departs from more straightforward riffs on the Space Invaders formula like Galactic Beacon Brigade with its oddball sense of humor. Instead of lasers, the enemies shoot deadly eggs. When killed, the chickens drop drumsticks which you can grab for points; at times they also drop gift-wrapped presents that will power up your lasers.

Should you download it?

Chicken Invaders is commendable for featuring a two-player mode, although as both players will be sharing a keyboard the controls are cramped. While the gameplay can become repetitive after a while, the option to play alongside a second user adds a little bit of variety to this free game. Chicken Invaders is appropriate for all ages, and children, in particular, will be drawn to the wacky sense of humor.


  • Has a sense of humor
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Features a two-player mode
  • Inventive twists on the Space Invaders formula


  • CGI graphics are basic
  • Gameplay can get repetitive
  • Very easy
  • Cramped controls

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Chicken Invadersfor Windows


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