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Free puzzle game for Windows

This free Candy Crush release will get you right back into this challenging puzzle gameplay. Developed and published by King, this game has won the People’s Choice Award for the favorite mobile game, and now it’s available right on your Microsoft Windows PC for free. Now you can join the fun and clear the levels. 


In Candy Crush Saga, you’ll join Mr. Toffee and Tiffi as they travel through the Candy Kingdom. There are hundreds of levels for you to go through. By linking at least three of the same candies in the grid, you cause them to disappear. Your goal is to clear the grid of candies to advance to the next level. 

You must be wary, though, as it will get more challenging as you progress. It’s a simple but highly addictive game. 

This stress-relieving game is generous in its use of color, with bright visuals and entertaining sounds and commentary. It’s an age-friendly game for everyone. The atmosphere of the game is entirely peaceful and altogether tranquil for the mind. 

Battle your friends

You can compare scores in the variety of different levels offered, or share your progress with your friends to see who is most adept at solving puzzles.

That extra boost

If you’ve been struggling with a particular level, or if you’re looking to play the game with a little more grace, getting some extra lives to nudge you towards the finish might be worth considering. We warn you, though as this will cost real money.

Our take

Although widely popular, our only complaints are that the graphics are not great and that the gameplay is not smooth. It’s a fun game with addictive qualities, but it does not live up to the expectations that we once had for the Candy Crush game. For similar casual gameplay, you can try Tetris Effect.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a fan of puzzle games and are looking for something to pass the time, it’s worth giving a download. You’ll spend several hours after downloading it clearing stages and receiving rewards. But be warned that it becomes rather addictive.


  • Stress-relieving
  • Lots of content
  • Challenging puzzles


  • Bad graphics

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Candy Crush Saga for Windows 10for Windows


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