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Free OS and Android emulator

PrimeOS by Floydwiz is a free Windows program that provides comprehensive Android OS features on PC screens. It turns your desktop into a mobile gaming device, granting access to millions of mobile-specific applications to control with your keyboard and mouse.

Free operating system

PrimeOS offers a complete desktop experience of using a smartphone on any x86-based device. Like Phoenix OS and Remix OS, it uses an Android base to provide a familiar platform layout on alternative hardware setups.

You’ll install the program by launching the dual-boot mode alongside your regular Windows OS. You can then start the .exe program, following along with the steps until you have it up and running on your computer.

You should note that all included software is free of charge, but the anonymous usage of data collection could concern those wary about privacy.

Full Android software support

The primary goal of this program is to allow mobile gaming on your Windows PC. As such, it supports a wide array of Android games, the most popular of which are pre-mapped on the operating system.

There’s also a Gaming Center for browsing through and downloading apps of choice. Plus, since mobile games are often less demanding than those for PC, everything runs smoothly, even on low-performance desktop devices.

You don’t have to stick to gaming, either. PrimeOS runs communication platforms, lifestyle tools, and even movie streaming services, making all smartphone features accessible on a bigger screen.

Familiar interface features

All general desktop usage rules apply here. Keyboard shortcuts have the same functions. You can open, close, and resize windows as needed, and the taskbar pins apps, displays system icons, and shows pop-up notifications.

The interface is attractive and minimalist, aesthetically reminiscent of Windows 10. Instead of desktop apps, you’ll see everything you’d use on an Android device.

Our take

Although it lacks official support, PrimeOS is a well-executed, slick program. It smoothly displays all favorite mobile apps on desktop hardware, providing a high-quality experience throughout.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you’re a mobile gamer. Various apps look ten times as good on a larger screen, creating a next-level user experience.


  • High-quality animations
  • Smooth performance
  • Excellent gaming execution
  • Supports multiple mobile apps
  • Appealing interface design


  • No official support
  • Collects data usage

Program available in other languages

PrimeOSfor Windows


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