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Free Windows Android emulator

Remix OS Player lets you play games and test Android applications on your PC. It’s an emulator for Windows devices based on the Android Marshmallow OS and uses Android Studio technology. It’s a free app from the software developer Jide.

Run Android Marshmallow on Windows 10

There are several emulators available for Windows 10. The Remix OS Player alternatives include BlueStacks, Nox App Player, and Android Studio. However, Remix OS Player is easier to install and configure; it also performs better than the others. The app also supports Wi-Fi and LAN Networks, Google Play, and full screen. 

You can download the app from your Google Play and install it on your PC by opening the EXE file and following the instruction wizard. You’ll have to enter the Remix OS Player directory and allocate the CPU and RAM resources. Additionally, you’ll need an internet connection, because once all the first steps are complete, you’ll need to download the required files from the Internet. 

To allocate more resources, click on advanced settings and press the start button to boot up Android Marshmallow. You’ll have to configure the app when it runs for the first time. When the installation is complete, the Android Marshmallow desktop will open and you can start using the app.    

Gaming with Remix OS Player

You can choose between many games, including Pokemon GO, Vainglory, Clash Royale, and more. You can use essential mapping tools that allow Android games to play with the keyboard and mouse; this is available for hardcore gamers and is perfect for games that use touch controls. 

Unlike other emulators, Remix OS Player lets Android developers optimize apps for your environment due to the mouse and multiple Windows app support. 

Our take

Remix OS Player is an excellent app for any Windows PC, and hopefully soon for other operating systems.   

Should you download it?

Yes. Remix OS Player is the perfect app if you want to use Android applications on your Windows PC.


  • Button mapping allows Remix OS Player to multitask
  • Compatible with most Android games and apps
  • Free and easy to download and install


  • Some of the gaming titles don’t always run

Remix OS Playerfor Windows


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