IconRestorerfor Windows


Save desktop layouts and keep things clean and tidy

Do you find your Windows screen gets untidy? IconRestorer will keep a tidy backup of your icon positions, so you can clean things up in a second. IconRestorer is almost overloaded with options - you can choose for it to start on startup, and set regular icon backups too (although only if you make a donation to the developer). The attractive interface is intuitive, and features a button to restore the last desktop layout, save the current one and more.

All backups are kept and you can save wallpapers with them. This means you can use IconRestorer as a library of desktop setups too, which is pretty cool. You can uncheck saving wallpapers, and just save your icon layouts if you want. There's also something called "list view", which shuffles your icons into neat columns - another way to auto-tidy things up.

IconRestorer is a neat way to keep your desktop layout backed up, or simply to tidy up disorganized icons.

IconRestorerfor Windows

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