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If you miss the Windows widgets of old, Rainmeter could be what you’re looking for.

Rainmeter is a customization software that allows you to decorate your desktop by adding skins to it. It also enables you to view multiple windows at once.

What does Rainmeter offer?

Rainmeter leaves the customization process entirely up to you. It allows you to feel more organized and sprinkle your own style over your desktop.

Customize your desktop again! Create smart skins for your computer that offer various functions and make everything look neater. Rainmeter can save you time from flicking through different windows by displaying various tabs on the home screen. You can adjust the size of your different screens to suit your needs.

Rainmeter provides options for system readouts right on your desktop. It can also provide other functions, depending on the skins you download. If you cast your mind back to Windows Vista widgets, that’s something Rainmeter can give you.

The widgets can tell you how much space you have on your hard drive or what the weather will be like tomorrow. Check your unread emails, which Rainmeter will fetch from your mailbox and display in a neat little box on your desktop.

You can personalize all your skins with different colors, fonts, and graphics. Add widgets for your most-used applications and edit them too.

The developers have built this app with security in mind, it seems. Every skin is open-source. If you’re of a programming disposition, you can see for yourself whether any of the scripts are malicious. Edit those scripts and change your skins around if you have the tech know-how.

The only negative feature of Rainmeter is the amount of system function it takes up. Depending on how intricate your skins are, and how many you have displayed at once, you may bog your computer down. The program also has a high impact on startup, but this is typically true for older operating systems.

Where can you run this program?

This program is only available on Windows desktops. It can be run on any version, but may function slower on older platforms.

Is there a better alternative?

Rainmeter has a lot of tools that lovers of the Vista widgets have been aching for. It offers security and full editing for your desktop. If you want something less CPU-heavy though, try Samurize.

Our take

Rainmeter is a well-designed customization tool, and allows for a complete makeover of your desktop. It practices transparency with its open source code skins and offers resourceful widgets.

Should you download it?

Yes. Rainmeter is a way to supplement your computer use or make tasks a bit easier.


  • Open source code for editing and security
  • Smart skins
  • Create your own graphics
  • Customize sizes
  • fonts and colours


  • Can use up a lot of system resources
  • Causes slow start up
  • Only available on Windows

Rainmeterfor Windows


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