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Simplistic music mixing app

Incredibox is a music mixing app developed by So Far So Good. This app is marketed as a part-music game and a part-music mixer with a software that is based on beatboxing. When you open the app, you choose from eight different themes ranging from classic beatboxing to a more synthetic and trap style.


Incredibox is inexpensive and offers a demo to play for free in-browser before downloading. The free demo gives you access to half of the eight playable music setups in version 8, while the remainder of music themes are only available in the full version of the game for less than five dollars.


The app’s primary feature lets you choose up to seven inputs to play a selection of beats, notes, and lines. The selection is done by dragging and dropping items that are linked to specific compositions. The first group of options is typically rhythm, then bass, supporting notes, and finally vocals, all of which are characteristics of beatboxing.

You can record music and set the app to play automated via random selection. Recorded tracks can be downloaded as MP3s and are added automatically to a top 50 poll where you are ranked.


Incredibox has stiff competition as a mixing app, despite the lack of competition in terms of games of similar nature. Their biggest competitor is Auxy Studio, a free music mixing app for iPhone that allows users to mix and publish their music to Spotify. The primary difference between Incredibox and Auxy, is that Auxy is designed for professional quality rather than for the novice user.

Our take

Incredibox is a game more than a tool. The app is predominantly meant to be used for entertainment. However, you have little creative freedom on the music you can compose due to the limited features. Also, Incredibox cannot publish recorded music to other music platforms other than the integrated top 50 list.

Should you download it?

No, the app is well-built and maintained but ultimately priced too high when compared to free alternatives.


  • Engaging visuals
  • Simplistic


  • Price is not justified compared to content

Incrediboxfor Windows

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