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Change your wallpaper automatically

If you grow tired of your wallpaper quite often but can't be bothered to change it for yourself, you need a program like Wallpaper Slideshow LT.

Wallpaper Slideshow LT is a simple wallpaper changer that will take over the hard task of selecting a new background image for the Windows desktop. The choice is made among the files and folders you've previously selected from your hard drive. If you don't have any suitable images, you can always use some from the developer's own photo collection. You'll have to add them to the program manually though, as there's no automatic wallpaper downloading tool.

The good thing about Wallpaper Slideshow LT is that you can customize the rotation period with almost endless possibilities, from 5 seconds to 60 days and more, or change it on each Windows startup. Also, the program can fit the image to the background automatically, depending on its original size.

On the downside, the installation Wallpaper Slideshow LT includes a toolbar, though it only shows up in Internet Explorer and besides, you can remove it any time.

With Wallpaper Slideshow LT, you will be able to enjoy a new wallpaper brought automatically to your Windows desktop every day.

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Wallpaper Slideshow LTfor Windows


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