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A fun way to customize your computer’s screen

Shimeji Ee is a Windows customization tool, which keeps users entertained with multiple animated characters on the screen. Developed by Yuki Yamada and revamped by Kilkakon, the open-source project lets you download cute characters on your system. These animations run around on the computer screen doing some fun stuff, giving respite from the monotony of working on a desktop. However, for it to work, the program needs Javascript and will eat up a good amount of CPU and RAM resources.

Multiple customizations, fun characters, and more

Shimeji Ee download supports multiple customizations. The desktop ‘Shimejis’ or little characters on the screen are fun and interactive and give you an opportunity to engage with visual elements. The animations interact with icons, windows, pop-ups, and other elements, either hilariously disrupting activities or wandering about on their own. 

Does it have multiple customization options?

Shimeji Ee offers multiple customization options, and you can do almost anything with the characters. For instance, you can change their appearance, add fun sounds, use different colors, etc.

The latest version of the open-source Windows personalization tool has been developed by Kilkakon in collaboration with Shimeji-ee Group. It’s called ‘Shimeji English Enhanced’ and has been completely translated into English. 

How’s the interface?

While the program’s interface needs manual intervention, it’s straightforward, simple, and clean. Once you download and install Shimeji Ee, you can choose from a range of ‘mascots’. Since the program is open-source, fans across the world keep adding new characters to expand the pool of customizations.

How to use Shimeji Ee?

To run Shimeji Ee successfully on your PC, you need the latest version of Javascript installed on your system. If you already have Java, you can download the program’s ZIP file, extract the available options to a new folder, and run ‘Shimeji-ee.jar’. 

The desktop customization program installs almost instantly and lets you start playing with ‘buddies’ from the get-go. The default animation quickly drops within your screen and starts moving around without any manual input.

The Windows customization tool is conveniently available in the computer’s task tray and right-clicking on the icon opens up a small menu. From here, you can select multiple settings and personalize the behaviors. However, you’ll have to work with XML files, which might need some technical skills.

The Shimeji Ee download comes with various tutorials and instruction guides to help you understand everything about features, usage, customization options, etc. It also gives multiple links to download other animated characters.

Are there any drawbacks?

The biggest drawback of this desktop personalization tool is that the features aren’t built-in, and the simple menu gives only basic functions. While this may be good for beginners, hardcore Windows PC users might get bored after a while. The tutorials explaining the program are only available on the official website and inaccessible from the menu.

With the fun Windows personalization tool, you can’t download new characters from the menu. As such, it can be quite tricky for new users to customize ‘buddies’ without going through a tedious process.

Yet, despite that, Shimeji Ee is still a good program to have fun with your Windows PC’s screen. While the minimal menu options can be a deterrent, it’s not very difficult to download or install new characters. Also, if you’re used to working with XML files, you can easily customize how the animations behave on the screen.

Our take

Simply put, Shimeji Ee is a Windows customization software program  that lets users add cute animations as ‘partners’ on the screen. If you need to spend a good amount of time in front of your PC, this program can be an excellent addition. You just use the tutorials and instruction guides to get started without any hassle.

Should you download it?

Compared to other Windows personalization tools like Lively Wallpaper, Rainmeter, and Classic Shell, this one offers a simpler interface. After installing the app, you get only two characters. However, the open-source project gives access to plenty of customization options, adorable characters, etc

If you want to make the interactions more fun, you can use XML files. With basic programming knowledge, you can personalize the program however you want. Shimeji Ee download is a good choice for Windows PCs to keep users entertained and engaged.


  • Offers multiple customization options
  • Offers multiple character images
  • Allows for unique character behaviors
  • Characters support interactions


  • No built-in tutorials
  • Heavy on system resources

Program available in other languages

Shimeji-ee Desktop Petfor Windows


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