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Object Hunt is a free hide ‘n seek party game by Kwalee whereby one player hunts others disguised as props. You’ll take turns as the hunter and the ones hiding, the former using random-slashing skills to discover who is which item. 

What is Object Hunt?

Have you ever played hide ‘n seek as a child, or perhaps as whimsical adults? Kwalee feeds that sense of adventure in this free Android game. It’s similar in gameplay as the PC game, Friday the 13th, but with an animated design and much less violence. If you’re a fan of Roblox, you might recognize the Piggy resemblance in the hunter.

The object of the game is twofold. The hiders choose which props they want to look like and find a safe location. When the game begins, the hunter sets out to find them, searching every object while the timer runs at the top of the screen. The hunter only wins if he manages to locate all of them; otherwise, the other players are victorious.

Gameplay elements

The graphics present a top-down, cartoonish, animated design that turns into a first-person view when players are hiding.  The effects are fun to watch as props hop around looking for the best spot to settle. Once the round begins, gamers watch in anticipation and dread as the hunter searches around their location.


No rounds are ever the same. You’ll receive points and rewards for winning a match, while you can also unlock new skins, props, and hunter weapons. While there’s endless replayability with a game like this, Object Hunt will quickly become monotonous after a few hours.

Our take

While it’s fun to play a casual title like Object Hunt, it doesn’t have the same charm as popular social deduction games as Among Us. Still, it’s enjoyable if you and your friends or family want to have a good laugh.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for an idle, hunt-hide game for the holidays.


  • Hunt down your friends for fun


  • Not enough content

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Object Huntfor Android


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