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Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars by IGG is a free multiplayer mobile game that is set in a universe packed with warring kingdoms looking to become the ultimate ruler. You’ll create a military base, grow it by training troops and recruiting heroes, and work to conquer the fantasy world.


Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a massively-multiplayer online game that has many captivating RPG elements. While the gameplay resembles Clash of Clans and IGG’s own Castle Clash, the setting is unique and well-developed, facilitating the immersion through fantastic graphics.

The large-scale wars and RPG hero battles combine seamlessly, weaving a plot as you gather equipment and progress your skill tree. You’ll fight a global player base to interact and compete against, but also slay monsters and explore the epic world map.

Play to progress

Before you start engaging in battles, you’ll need to build an extensive military base and collect stones, gold, and ore to keep it growing. It lets you recruit heroes and provides you with the resources, from food to weapons.

More resources await after each war. Some quests even come with special awards to significantly increase your power level. It could take a while to get things off the ground if you don’t take advantage of in-app purchases, though. 

Cooperate or fight

This game will need an active internet connection in order to play it. You can perform all these actions alone, playing in kind of a single-player style, and clash with strangers running other kingdoms in PvP battles

However, the game really shines in its multiplayer mode, letting you join a guild and cooperate in completing missions. Your companions will rush to aid you if you get attacked, ensuring that your clan stays in power. 

It is not uncommon for this game though that stronger factions will go after weaker ones, in search of resources. While destroying smaller kingdoms gives you easy loot, it could ruin the experience of new players. Something to keep in mind when starting out in the game. 

Our take

The developers of this real-time strategy mobile game took all the best elements of its genre and placed them in a chaotic fantasy world. While it might take time to level up and gain power, overall, it’s an engaging and fun gameplay experience.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you enjoy the mobile MMORPG genre and this type of fantasy setting. This one is a thrill to play, especially if you have a group of friends interested in joining.


  • Multiple troop formations and types
  • Daily progression and rewards
  • Cooperation through guilds


  • Slow progress without paying

Lords Mobilefor Android


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