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Free survival horror strategy game

Last Shelter: Survival is a free survival horror strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic scene. It has gameplay elements reminiscent of Fallout: Shelter and State of Survival, but it contains a few additional features. On top of the list is the advanced hero system that assists with farming, attacking, or defending.

Sensor Tower and Long Tech Network integrated numerous strategy elements into the game, hoping it would draw a massive gamer fanbase. You can build your bunks and bases, upgrade them, perform research and development, and train survivors. Primarily, the goal is to hold off the zombie hordes.

Primary gameplay elements

There are numerous gameplay aspects that players enjoy in the Last Shelter: Survival. One worthy of mention is Non Attack Policy (NAP), a treaty that defends massive alliances. You can also develop bunks that’ll increase troop training and speed. The graphics and sound are impressive, especially if you have a high-end Android device.

Training the best heroes

You’ll need the best heroes in the Last Shelter: Survival to remain alive long enough to enjoy the game. As you build and attack, they will level up and obtain new abilities. It’s up to you to find the one that suits your play style the most, but keep an eye on stats and skills when entering a fight.

Don’t get zeroed

When someone attacks a city, the percentage drops until it finally reaches zero. This act generally happens when a player neglects their base for a long period. When a city is zeroed, it’ll teleport to a different location with a crater taking its place at the former one.

Our take

Post-apocalyptic games, books, and movies have saturated the entertainment industry for decades, and the Last Shelter: Survival is no different. However, while it may have cliché themes, you’ll love the intense gameplay and exciting mechanics. It’ll have you addicted for days on end with daily quests.

Should I download it?

Yes, if you have enough space on your device and you’re willing to commit to daily gaming. If you don’t have the time for continuous gameplay, your city will quickly be zeroed.


  • Exhilarating strategy action
  • Advanced hero system
  • Includes a Non Attack Policy
  • Intense post-apocalyptic gameplay


  • Neglect leads to city being zeroed

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Last Shelter: Survivalfor Android


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