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Free multiplayer hide-n-seek game

Kwalee presents a fun, free party game with Object Hunt, where players dress as props and hide within small environments. The hunter’s goal is to find them all before the timer runs out. It has top-down, animated graphics with simplistic gameplay.

What is Object Hunt?

Games with minimalistic effects and visuals and basic gameplay have become some of the latest mobile gaming development trends. Object Hunt doesn’t stray far from the path, introducing a title with few options but many thrills. The free iPhone game lets you hunt down your friends while they hide as one of the store props.

How to play Object Hunt

There isn’t much to the gameplay. The game randomly chooses one player to be the hunter, while the others become props. Before the timer starts, each gamer must find a place to hide in one of many locations. The trick is to seek a spot that doesn’t look out of character for the item.

For instance, a toilet bowl would look odd standing at the shop counter. Once the timer begins, the hunter searches for the others, smashing items to see if they’re fake. Unfortunately, there’s no intelligent detective work involved, leaving the seeker to hit every space and hoping for a spot of luck.

Other games like Object Hunt

If you enjoy multiplayer games with animated graphics, you should try Roblox that hosts several titles on one platform. You may even recognize Piggy from one of its games, which has the same hide-n-seek mechanics. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Among Us as one of the top social deduction games.

Our take

Object Hunt is a fun game with extensive replayability if you don’t get bored of performing the same actions repeatedly. It lacks the complexity of titles like Among Us and the variety of Roblox. However, it’s still worth trying if you find yourself with a few hours to kill.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re looking for a new party game to try with your friends.


  • Fun hunt-seek game


  • Lacks complexity of similar games

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Object Huntfor iOS


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