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Free Android choose-your-own-adventure game

Choices: Stories You Play by Pixelberry Studios is a free Android game that offers a narrative collection to live through from the protagonist’s point of view. There are mysteries, romances, and epic fantasy adventures to immerse yourself in, making decisions towards your desired outcome.

Straightforward gameplay

Choices is a mechanically simple game. You pick a title and proceed into an illustrated tale. Each screen tap progresses lines of dialogue until you reach a crucial plot point. The interface then presents you with multiple story choices, each changing how the rest pans out.

The stories aren’t that complex. Still, the varying endings and complete control you have over the protagonist makes them quite replayable. While most decisions are free, some cost gems that you acquire through in-app purchases.

The gameplay resembles Japanese visual novels like Doki Doki Literature Club on Windows and Fate/Stay Night. The narratives are less developed in Choices, but the variety makes up for the fact. 

Story diversity

There are over 55 stories in-game, spanning across all genres and receiving weekly chapter updates. These aren’t fan-submitted but works of a professional team of writers, providing well-written, albeit simple, narrative structures. For example:

  • The Freshman is a college drama with romantic elements.
  • The Crown and the Flame is a fantasy, magical tale of reclaiming your crown.
  • Perfect Match is a dating simulator with mysterious elements.
  • Bloodbound is a vampire thriller hiding behind an urban romance.
  • High School Story is a classic, letting you relive your teen years.

The app categorizes all these titles in genres for you to browse through and pick your next adventure. You’ll find some inappropriate sexual or violent scenes, but they’re only hinted at.

Excellent design

Although the backgrounds are a bit two-dimensional, everybody in the foreground looks like a realistic fictional character with distinguishable characteristics. Plus, the appearance customization options make your protagonist pop once you start playing. 

Our take

Overall, this app is among the best in its genre. It provides high-quality gameplay with variety to keep you tapping your Android screen for hours on end, invested in your latest character.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you’d like to find yourself engrossed in a narrative without putting in too much effort, Choices is a must-play.


  • Engaging gameplay
  • 55+ available stories
  • Continually updated chapters
  • Attractive visuals
  • High replayability


  • Relies on in-app purchases

Program available in other languages

Choices: Stories You Playfor Android


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