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Notability is a pay-to-use application that provides you with many tools to write or sketch your ideas and notes. The app is excellent for projects both at school and at work, as you can communicate and share files with co-workers. Since the application is available for Mac and iOS, but not PC, you can use iCloud to work almost anywhere.

Diagram your thoughts

One of the most useful features of Notability, compared to any text editing software, is using it like paper. You can quickly draw diagrams, designs, or mind maps within the application in many colors. Additionally, you can sketch and annotate PDFs to promptly demonstrate an idea.

Wide selection of tools

The Notability application includes various tools that help with drawing, highlighting, adding text, and much more. While you work, you can zoom in on parts to add detailed information. Additionally, you can scale selections, rotate them, or recolor a piece you’ve already painted.

Share with colleagues

Using Notability, you can quickly and easily share a project file with co-workers to receive feedback and alterations. The app supports various communication methods, such as Google Drive, AirDrop, Dropbox, and email. Additionally, you can print out your note and hand it directly to a friend or colleague.

However, the app has no support for Android or PC devices. This lack of use makes it troublesome to share your work with colleagues who don’t have an iOS-compatible device. However, you can export the file as a PDF for any user to view.

iCloud storage

Storing all your information on the cloud is an easy way to work on any device. The notes you create are readily available on your Mac device once you connect to the Internet. This versatility is great when sharing a project with colleagues, as they may have different devices.

Our take

Overall, Notability is an excellent software for both iOS and Mac devices that helps you complete projects in a group with ease. However, there are many free alternatives such as OneNote and Evernote, although they’re more limited. With the many tools provided and ease of sharing, the app offers a suitable solution for work and school projects.

Should you download it?

Yes. Notability is an affordable and easy way to share your ideas and diagrams of a project with co-workers.

Notabilityfor iOS


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