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In today’s data-driven world, Cloud storage and being able to access your documents on-the-go is crucial. Google recently released an updated and revamped version of their Google Drive app for iPhone. You can view your work offline, edit and share photos and continue working on collaborative projects from your phone. Squeeze some productivity into a long commute or inject life into time spent away from your computer. For task management and to synchronize personal files and photos with your phone Google Drive is an upstanding choice. It is a worthy contender to iCloud with more bang for your buck.

Google Drive enables fast and reliable productivity solutions 

A smart solution for mobile multitasking

Have you ever fired up your PC or laptop, only to find you forgot that crucial work document on your office computer? Storing your files online in the cloud is the perfect solution for multitasking on the go and keeping a perfect synchronicity between work and home life. There are many cloud storage options for your iPhone including Apple’s inbuilt iCloud. Is Google Drive worth the move? The app lets you access files and folders offline, organize your multimedia via your smartphone, and it is especially useful for teams who need to communicate remotely.

The app is basically your door into Google Drive and effectively turns your smartphone into a mini computer on the go. Once you install the app and login with your Google account you will instantly get 15GB of free storage (compared to the paltry 5GB from iCloud). The app will enable you to continue managing your backed up data and has nearly all the features of the web version. You can view your Google Drive documents, PDFs and photos, and change the settings for sharing and permissions. You can upload and organize your photos, but there is no setting for automatic backup. If you have all-out opted for Google across the board then you could choose to have them in Google+.

Where Google Drive is a killer app is for team projects. Whether for personal or professional use it makes communication and collaboration seamless. Work remotely from your phone on the same document you closed seconds before on your computer and see each others’ changes and comments as they take place. The Google Drive app will only let you view documents however. To edit them from your phone you will need to download the Google Docs app. To make full use of Google Drive from your phone you really also need Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. None of these take up much room (the Google Drive app is 198.1MB) and they do make a formidable team for mobile management. The Google Drive app alone will allow you to make basic changes. You can delete (or “remove”) files and folders, star items to save them and move them between folders.

The iOS app also lets you do split screen working from your iPad and the user interface is sleek and easy to read. There are some basic task management options and you can personalize your viewing by choosing the light or dark mode.

The need to download a load of other Google apps in order to take full advantage of Google Drive is an annoying feature. If you do go the whole hog and opt for Google across the board then the app becomes an excellent tool for offline work. Your colleagues or friends will be grateful that you will be constantly available!

Where can you run this program?

The Google Drive app is the mobile version of the program. It is available for iOS and Android. For Apple users, you will need iOS 11.0 or later while Android users will need 4.0 or up. Google Drive is also compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, and of course there is the web version for Windows and Mac. Using Google Drive on your computer will grant you unfettered access to all the features of the program (for which you may need complementary apps to use on your mobile).

Is there a better alternative?

If you already use iCloud or another program why make the move? Google Drive is a superb app for backing up and organizing your work. Using this app alone does mean that you can make efficient and productive use of your phone by redistributing files, viewing all your work offline and sharing documents with others.

For mobile teamwork and remote editing try Box. This little-known app is an unsung gem for productivity, with many of the same features as Drive but the ability to edit and comment on documents directly from your mobile. You get slightly less free storage (10GB compared to 15MB). Like Google Drive it lacks the automatic upload feature. For enhanced office productivity Microsoft OneDrive is worth looking into.

If you are a loyal patriot of Apple products then iCloud would make sense as it would ensure seamless syncing across all your devices and programs: Photos, Mail, Calendar, and more.

Our take

Google Drive: worth a punt? As Cloud storage apps go, Google has really pushed the boat out. An area once dominated by the pioneering Dropbox, Cloud storage and organization apps are now appearing thick and fast. Where Google Drive has the edge is undoubtedly for collaboration and shared documents. You can turn your iPhone into a portable office and continue working and communicating within your documents. Remember though that to take full advantage of the productivity features you will need the whole slew of Google apps. You also get triple the amount of free storage than Apple’s own iCloud.

Should you download it?

If you have a Google account then it is an easy and recommendable move. As Cloud storage apps go, Google Drive is great for enhancing productivity and remote teamwork is made easy. Yes do download it: this app is a solid choice.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Offline file access
  • Remote work on collaborative documents
  • Free storage


  • Other apps required
  • No automatic upload settings
  • No commenting in documents

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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