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Fast and simple file storage

One of the most popular file storage and sharing tools, Dropbox syncs documents, photos, and videos across multiple devices. It lets you backup files, as well as access them from other devices and computers easily. Available for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android, Dropbox is the leading name in the category of storage tools.

Access and share files from multiple devices

A great tool to backup, view, and share files online.

Dropbox is a free and easy-to-use cloud storage service. With 256-bit end-to-end encryption, it keeps data safe and secure. What’s the best part? Any device you use to access files simply mirrors the device used for storage.

Plenty of features for the iPhone version

With Dropbox, it becomes easier to share large files online. You can use the app to upload iPhone photos, videos, and other files. Since it supports a wide range of apps and services, Dropbox is the perfect way to store any doc you want.

Basic features of the app are the same as those of the desktop version and web portal. You can share files via text messages, emails, Twitter, Facebook, or the clipboard’s link. Dropbox can also save your iPhone’s photo library, take it to the clipboard, and print everything.

Easy and simple navigation

The iPhone app has a clean and simple interface. In the first look, you’ll notice clear options to upload, favorite, and share files. If you’re used to keeping files organized, you’ll be able to reach them in a jiffy. On the other hand, if your files tend to be scattered about without labels, Bitcasa would be a better choice with its ‘search by content type’ feature.

Dropbox for iPhone has a ‘Camera Upload’ feature, which automatically uploads videos and photos on the phone. Sometimes, images are duplicated, which is quite annoying. 

In the settings option, you can view the amount of storage space being used. With the free version, you get 2 GB storage space. 

Easy-to-use collaboration tools

When Dropbox was introduced as a cloud storage platform, that’s all it did. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular sharing and collaboration tools. Collectively, Dropbox’s collaboration tools are called Dropbox Paper.

With the iPhone app, you can easily create new documents. These can be shared with team members, friends, or family. Others can add images, videos, emojis, stickers, and tables to the ‘Paper’ documents.

You also get a wide range of commenting tools. All the features can be used for collaboration by adding the @ symbol followed by the collaborator’s name. Dropbox lets you comment on a specific point in a document or an image. Files stored in Dropbox can also be added to a ‘Paper’ document.

Once you’re done editing, it can be exported to PDF, Word, or markdown file format. While most collaboration tools are amazing, Dropbox also lets you share files easily and quickly. You can share anything you want with specific contacts using email addresses and social networking channels.

Without a doubt, you won’t be disappointed with this program!

Where can you run this program?

Dropbox is available for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android, Windows phones and tablets, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire. As such, it’s an excellent choice for cross-platform collaboration and syncing. There’s also a web app available.

Is there a better alternative?

While there are numerous storage and file sharing services available for iPhone, none matches the popularity of Dropbox. 

For collaboration features, try Box! It comes with 10 GB  of storage space for free, and lets you save, create, and edit documents with ease. Like Box, SugarSync is ideal for collaboration, allowing you to privately stream videos too. You can share files, and the camera roll is automatically backed up. But it’s free for only 90 days!

Our take

Over the years, Dropbox has been a stable and reliable platform in this category. As such, it’s used by millions of people worldwide. Till date, Dropbox remains one of the most amazing free storage apps for iPhone. With improved features like collaboration tools, Dropbox makes it hard to look for a replacement any time soon.

Should you download it?

Yes. Dropbox is a simple, power-packed storage service and file sharing platform that supports online collaboration within documents.


  • Simple sharing options
  • Sync files between multiple devices
  • 2 GB of free storage


  • No in-app editing
  • Camera upload can duplicate images
  • Needs to be more privacy-friendly

Dropboxfor iOS


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