NBA 2K20for Windows



Pass, dribble and shoot

Developers 2K Games bring you the annual NBA release. There's so much to do in the game that it's hard to wrap your head around.

Create big moments

Hop into the shoes of your favorite NBA player or create your own! NBA2K20 brings tons of customization and atmosphere.

This game has some incredible little pieces and touches that bring the primetime atmosphere to every game you play. That's where NBA2K20 lives and dies; the atmosphere.

While all of the customization of this title is deep and the progression is the grind it deserves to be, what truly matters here is the game time feeling. The biggest factor in this is the announcing. The play-by-play and color commentary are so reactive that it's insane. You might be in transition and hear some stats about a couple of players on the floor. If you run up and make a big dunk in the middle of the commentary, it cuts off and runs perfectly into a reactive 'Wow!'

Player personalities are well done here, too. For instance, you'll notice Klay Thompson's unique free-throw dribble when he steps up to the line, or you'll get a piece of audio pulled from actual interviews to listen to between quarters. It's a great mix between the feelings of playing a game and watching a broadcast.

The game suffers in some of the more technical areas. The facial animations really take you out of the experience, and shot-making could do with a bit more feedback. It's good to know why you missed a shot so you can account for it on the next possession.

The filesize is also a bit much. It's nearly 80GB, so if you're downloading the title it'll take a long time to get through. This seems to be the trade off with all of the audio and animation content here.

Where can you run this program?

You can play the game on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and later. It's also available on Playstation and Xbox consoles.

Is there a better alternative?

No. The 2K series of NBA games just keep getting better and better, and it's far superior to the EA releases. NBA Live 19 would be a good option, but it doesn't have the depth that 2K20 has.

Our take

NBA2K20 is a solid game for both avid players and basketball fans. The crowd and announcers feel entirely responsive to your actions, which gives you the feeling of playing a real game of basketball.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you have the storage space, 2K20 is a great basketball title to download.


  • Great atmosphere
  • Plentiful customization
  • Unique player personalities


  • Facial animations are poor
  • Needs more visual feedback
  • Huge filesize of ~80GB

NBA 2K20for Windows


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