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A fun and engaging game for basketball fans

NBA 2K20 is the latest addition to the popular basketball simulation game series. Unlike older versions, NBA 2K20 download features an engaging storyline, interactive gameplay, single and multiplayer gaming options, and far better graphics and animation. The paid sports simulation game builds upon the NBA league and lets you experience what it feels like to be a sporting champion. 

However, before you reach the heights of success, the game gives you a humble beginning so you can get a real-life sportsman experience. You start the game as Che and work hard to improve your basketball skills. NBA 2K20’s MyCareer remains the socially engaging and solo experience that it has always been. Alternative games like FIFA 21, Streamer Life Simulator, and Ravenfield also offer a similar gaming adventure. 

The virtual equivalent of the NMA basketball league!

The NBA is one of the most-watched leagues in the world, and similarly, NBA 2K20 is one of the most popular basketball simulation games available. It features larger-than-life players, exciting animations and sounds, realistic gameplay, and comprehensive shooting controls. The paid basketball game also features several modes, songs, and challenges, along with an engaging storyline that’ll keep you returning. 

Since the game is updated annually, it doesn’t feature too many drastic changes. What’s new in this game is the storyline called ‘When the Lights Are Brightest.’ With realistic graphics and a catchy soundtrack, the game introduces you to many memorable characters and gives you a chance to bask in glory after defeating your online friends.

What is the gameplay of NBA 2K20? 

NBA 2K20 for Windows isn’t like other NBA games because it has a compelling storyline with a perfect balance of gameplay and cut-scenes. You will start the game as Che, a college senior who loves to play basketball. While most people would want to take advantage of Che’s talents, only a few will push him forward without expecting anything in return. 

The backstory and cut-scenes are put together with performances from famous NBA stars and a few big Hollywood names like Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, Mark Cubin, Scottie Pippen, and Ernie Hudson. While the storyline takes a while to unfold, it sets the gameplay to be nerve-wracking and fun, just like the real-life NBA games. As you dribble, size up, and shoot, you’re able to experience what it’s like to truly be an NBA champion. 

Does the game have good graphics?

NBA 2K20 features the best graphics when compared with its older version. MyCareer scenes, players (their hairstyles, tattoos, and clothes), and the neighborhood location are delivered in style and are visually appealing. In addition to this, character and basketball animations are as realistic as real-life NBA games. The simulation game also offers various customization options, along with several songs that make the overall gaming experience all the more fascinating. 

How do you play NBA 2K20?

The latest version of the NBA basketball video game an interactive software. The gameplay is more immersive and intuitive. This also means that the game has a learning curve for beginners. However, once you get the hang of it, you can easily move up the roster without much trouble. To make your basketball journey easier, NBA 2K20 also offers tutorials and different game modes.

What can users expect from NBA 2K20?

As compared to other games in the series, NBA 2K20 offers a lot of depth. The entire game is very lifelike and features convincing gameplay. Transitions, dribbles, and movements are very smooth and remind you of the real league. At times you may notice a few animation issues, but they are easy to overlook.

Is NBA 2K20 worth buying?

NBA 2K20 is a paid game, so you may wonder whether or not the game is worth the purchase. As a one-time purchase, NBA 2K20 doesn't break the bank. However, the game does have a lot of microtransactions that may annoy, especially players who have experienced NBA 2K before. Nevertheless, the game remains a good addition to the series and is worth playing! 

Our take

NBA 2K20 mimics real-life NBA games! It features enhanced characters, smooth animations, and several shooting controls. The app also has a compelling storyline that keeps you hooked. As a single and multiplayer sports simulation game, NBA 2K20 offers hours of fun and excitement. It also lets you experience what it feels to be like a real-life sportsman, from humble beginnings to ultimate success. 

Should you download it?

If you’re looking for a fun and immersive basketball shooting game, there’s no better option than NBA 2K20. With realistic graphics, an engaging soundtrack, and lifelike characters, the game offers an interactive and unmatched gaming experience

It features several game modes and customization options so that you can have the time of your life while enjoying this simulation game. Apart from being paid, the app also offers various microtransactions that often tend to slow the game down unnecessarily. But, if you can ignore that, the game is worth giving a try! 


  • Offers high-end graphics
  • Features a compelling storyline
  • Provides several customizable options
  • Has an immersive gameplay


  • Far too many microtransactions

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NBA 2K20for Windows


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