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NBA 2K20 - WNBA teams alongside NBA legends

NBA 2K20, developed by 2K Sports, is a popular basketball video game that offers players a realistic and engaging basketball experience. Since its release in September 2019, it has attracted both hardcore basketball fans and casual players with its impressive graphics, real-life gameplay, and new features. This is the iOS version.

New modes with updated old modes

NBA 2K20 brings new excitement with several fresh modes and updates to existing ones:

  • Run The Streets Mode: For the first time, you can take your player around the world in 3-on-3 streetball games. You can play against others for a spot on the leaderboard or try to win big in the championship.
  • NBA Stories Returns: Learn about the famous careers of some of the top NBA players and teams with five new stories.
  • New MyCAREER Story: Start your path from college to the NBA and aim to become one of the greats.
  • The Association: Manage an NBA team as the GM. Draft new players, manage your budget, and make key decisions.
  • Improved Multiplayer: It’s easier and faster to find and play against others with the new Quick Match feature.

Revamped gameplay

NBA 2K20 has made its gameplay even better, offering more realistic basketball action:

  • More Team Options: You can create up to six new teams and expand your league to have up to 36 teams. You can also move and rename any team.
  • Classic NBA Teams: Play as famous teams like the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls or the 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers and relive historic NBA moments.
  • Realistic Broadcasts: The game feels like a real NBA TV broadcast, with familiar hosts and high-quality shows at halftime and before the game.
  • WNBA Teams Included: For the first time, play with all 12 WNBA teams in exhibition or season modes. However, you can't create or edit WNBA rosters.

Is 2K20 still online?

As of December 31, 2021, the online servers for NBA 2K20 are no longer active. This means you can't play online matches or access online-only content anymore. However, the game still offers a lot of fun features and modes to enjoy offline.

NBA 2K20 is a solid choice if you love basketball games. It combines traditional elements with new, exciting features. Even though its online services have ended, the game still provides a full and enjoyable experience with its variety of modes and detailed gameplay


  • WNBA teams and players included
  • Improved gameplay mechanics and graphics
  • Classic NBA teams
  • Features songs by Drake, Diplo, T-Pain


  • Doesn’t get updates anymore
  • Online features are no longer available

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NBA 2K20for iOS


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