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Another FIFA release

FIFA 21 is a soccer simulation video game with a variety of gameplay modes both single-player and multiplayer options. FIFA 21 is the 28th installment in the FIFA series developed by Electronic Arts Sports. The new addition has improvements like more realistic gameplay, improved graphics, and new player training features.

PES 2021 is a soccer video game that delivers quality graphics, gameplay, and game modes like FIFA 21. While Madden 21 and NBA 2K20 are alternative sporting video games. All of the titles include real players and teams to play.

How is FIFA 21 different?

FIFA 21 has made changes to multiple areas of the game. The quality of the graphics has improved and the gameplay has become more realistic. The speed has slowed down instead of being unrealistically quick. Additionally, interactions with the artificial intelligence have improved since changes have been made to attacking runs and dribbling.

The Career Mode is largely unchanged aside from the new training features. The new features give you more control over how you can train and retrain your team members. You can set specific regimes for each of your players based on their skills. Each of the team members have detailed profiles to review. You can see their picture, age, preferred foot, and position. Specific statistics are listed in addition to their basic personal information.

Exact percentages are given to rate each skillset. The skills include pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, and physical. The average ratings for each skill are determined by the percentages of the sub skillsets. Acceleration and sprint speed are the sub skillsets that make up the pace rating. Additional sub skillsets include long shots, volleys, vision, crossing, agility, balance, interceptions, slide tackle, jumping, stamina, etc.

The progress bars can increase when you train the members. Younger players respond to training better than older members and thus, you can strategically transfer aging players into more suitable positions. Young athletes players in the game are able to handle difficult situations the best. A loan to buy choice is available during transfers of players. 

An additional feature in FIFA 21 is that you can see the names of the players when they control the soccer ball. The score is presented to you in the top left corner. Additionally, the timer and team names are written on the scoreboard.


Is FIFA 20 or FIFA 21 better?

FIFA 21 is a slightly improved version of FIFA 20. The games are relatively the same aside from the enhanced AI, Career Mode features, and resolution. While the interactions between players are more practical in FIFA 21, the overall gameplay is the same in both titles.

Is FIFA 21 worth buying?

If you already have FIFA 20, then the new edition can be skipped as FIFA 21 did not improve enough in visuals. While the diverse camera angles, cut scenes, and commentary still make FIFA 21 deliver authentic matches, more details could be added with next-gen software. We feel that that the FIFA series designs, in general, are dated.

Consequently, FIFA fans are wanting more upgrades in the Career Mode. The slight adjustments that were made to the Career system are not enough according to FIFA 21 ratings. The addition of aggressive AI and creative runs in FIFA 21 have worsened the defensive gameplay. Defensive strategies are lacking while offensive tactics are favored. Additionally, the defensive AI noticeably lags behind.

Both FIFA 20 and 21 deliver the Volta and Ultimate Team modes. Since Volta was introduced in FIFA 20, the gaming mode is not as exciting in FIFA 21 as it isn't a new development.

Our take

While the potential of FIFA 21 is still playable, the release disappointed FIFA fans as their expectations for this new release were not met. EA Sports delivered additives instead of completely redoing the Career Mode. However, since slight adjustments have been made to the game, you can still find fresh opportunities to improve your club in FIFA 21.

Should you download it?

It depends. If you already have FIFA 20, we do not recommend this game. 

However, if you have not yet bought a FIFA game, then FIFA 21 is worth getting. You can use the cross-platform FIFA 21 app on Microsoft Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series operating systems.


  • Smarter AI
  • Cross platform
  • Revamped training
  • Smoother gameplay


  • Overly aggressive offense
  • Dated graphics and visuals
  • Defensive AI noticeably lags behind

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FIFA 21for Windows


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