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Fulfil your dream as a streamer

Streamer Life Simulator provides a sandbox playground for you to live out your dreams as a streaming star. Developed by Cheesecake Inc., Streamer Life Simulator takes a meta approach to stream by enabling you to create and customize your own character, setup internet connection, alerts, and other elements required when streaming. 

Streamer Life Simulator takes a somewhat unique approach to the simulator genre, combining elements from life and the topic in question; thus, finding a direct alternative may be complex. However, sports fans may find Esports tycoon life while Sims 4 is a great option for those looking for an all-rounded life simulator.

Where can you play Streamer Life Simulator?

At the time of writing, Streamer Life Simulator is currently available on Steam (PC/Windows), IOS, and Android. Players can enjoy the game on their computers and mobile devices. Streamer Life Simulator requires you to purchase a license before you can play; the game is not free

Players should be aware that certain UI elements or gameplay mechanics don't transition great to mobile devices, given how the game plays. This can cause frustration and difficulty when playing. 

Life management and streaming in one bundle

Unlike other games in the simulator genre, Streamer Life Simulator doesn't confine itself within its main topic (in this case streaming) and instead opts to give players an overview of what being a streamer would feel like in real life

To do this, Cheesecake Inc. allows you to create a character and play through the shoes of an aspiring streamer. Players will need to purchase their own equipment and organize it in their homes, including finding an internet provider, calibrating their stream settings, and even going to various shops in the world. 

Players will need to optimize their stream layout, moderate their channel and even hire moderators to oversee their stream. Players must also keep track of their finances and decide how to spend their earnings best. These moments can create tension as you want to ensure you're putting focus into the areas that matter, leading to interesting decisions. 

A focus on Minigame variety

As a streamer focusing on gameplay, your role is to entertain your audience by playing a variety of games. Streamer Life Simulator puts the controller in your hands and has you play imitation games of some of the more well-known titles currently on the market. 

While playing, you're able to see your chat interface on the screen, including donations and subscriptions, giving you the feeling that people are watching your gameplay and interacting. Being aware of these notifications preps you for the day-to-day of being a streamer. 

While the minigames are varied enough, the AI leaves something to be desired. Most of the games feature AI that is woefully easy to beat. If you're playing to relax, this may not be an annoying issue; however, being easily able to beat each minigame can quickly become tiresome. 

A lackluster world, AI and graphics

The gaming industry as a whole has a large acceptance of a variety of art style choices, whether it's retro, pixel art, hyper-realistic, or a blend of multiple styles. Yet, Streamer Life Simulator bridges the gap of artistic with unfinished. 

It is not uncommon for simulator titles to focus more on mechanics than the game's look. However, Cheesecake Inc. has implemented an open-world style of play that unfortunately looks unpolished. AI continuously drive into walls, people walk into each other and get stuck in place, and various other bugs plague the open-world elements. 

These, in combination with the lack of graphical fidelity, raise the question of why a focus wasn't placed on simply creating a good streaming simulator rather than multiple mechanical components. These bugs, while fun at first, quickly remove immersion.

Our take?

While the main idea is executed well, the various 'life' elements detract from the appealing aspects of the game. The streaming simulator has great depth that genuinely makes you feel like a streamer, but the buggy open world and AI quickly pull the attention away from the good elements. 

Should you download it?

If you're looking for a glimpse into the streaming world, then Streamer Life Simulator is a good option to consider. While there are elements that detract from the primary experience, the streaming portion of the game is implemented well with sufficient depth to represent what a real-life streamer experiences accurately.


  • In-depth streaming mechanics
  • Character customization
  • Provides a full overview of being a streamer


  • Buggy, easy and unengaging AI
  • Open-World elements feel tacked on
  • Graphical fidelity lacking
  • Minigames, while fun initially, get boring quickly
  • Highly repetitive

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Streamer Life Simulatorfor Windows


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