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A free cross-platform file management app

Mobogenie is a free app that lets you transfer files between mobile and desktop devices. While not available on the app store, it can be downloaded as an Android application APK that will install the app on your phone.


Mobogenie’s primary purpose is to be a file and app, download manager. The software gives you access to an app store with Google Play and third-party options. These apps are usually free to download.

Mobogenie also offers a service where you can transfer files between your Android device and desktop computer. This is done by communicating between your desktop and Android versions of Mobogenie.

The app features an intuitive design with the express goal of being an improvement to the Google Play store. With support for over twenty languages and a variety of potential software to download and install, Mobogenie is a strong choice.


Mobogenie is not available on the Google Play store, which means it’s an unregulated software with potential risks. Alongside this, the third-party options may prove harmful to your computer or Android device due to the unregulated nature of the sources.

When first installing the Mobogenie app onto your Android device, your antivirus software may flag the app is harmful. The app isn’t actually a trojan virus, but when you download Mobogenie, it attempts to install additional programs alongside it. Because of the potentially harmful ads, it will attempt to open in your browser without permission, therefore you’ll need to be aware of this.


The primary competition for Mobogenie is the similarly-named Mobomarket app. Mobomarket is a full management and app store software for desktop and Android that allows you to remotely manage your Android device’s files and software. Mobomarket has very similar functionality to Mobogenie, but Mobomarket doesn’t have the ability to download from the Google Play store to your Android device.

Our take

Mobogenie is a software that allows you to manage, download, and install apps, files, and software to your Android device and desktop computer. The third-party nature of this device may put your Android device at risk during installation.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you can manage the potential risks that come with it.


  • Free
  • Easy file transfers
  • Massive file store and library to browse


  • Risky advertisements
  • Unsolicited installs

Mobogeniefor Android

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