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Huawei AppGallery is a free, alternative app store packed with Android content. It’s primarily designed for Huawei devices affected by the American-Chinese controversy. This app provides a diverse range of options across well-organized, straightforward categories.

An alternative store

Like Aptoide, Huawei is an alternative to the Google Play store. It emerged to help people with Android phones who could no longer access Google’s services. You can use it on other Android devices as long as you install the Huawei Mobile Services app. 

The store similarly organizes its content like its mainstream competitors, displaying categories for communication, lifestyle, games, and business, among others. There’s an info sheet connected to each app for you to learn more before you download it.

Rich in banned content

Although AppGallery can’t feature popular apps like Netflix and Facebook, it found a smart way to work around that limitation. It links to the APK (Android Package Kit) of the official source so you can download and install the app manually.

There’s also access to the web-page versions of Google apps such as Google Drive, Maps, and Google Translate. You can add each of them to your screen for easy access. The store is looking to incorporate more popular apps from well-known developers to boost its value.

Familiar interface

The interface feels as straightforward as with any other app store. One notable design perk is the ‘New User Kits’ category on the homepage. It presents all the apps that new users are likely to immediately download and install.

Ratings are easy to access which are located below each app’s description. AppGallery suggests similar apps or other apps created by the same developer. However, since it doesn’t boast a massive user base, a large number of apps are still unrated or lack detailed reviews.

Our take

Overall, while Huawei AppGallery is well-made with a great concept, its execution is still lacking. There are not enough users and content to attract a large user base.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re on a Huawei phone and need American-made applications. Otherwise, there are other, better-developed alternative stores.


  • Free to use
  • Well-designed interface
  • Convenient tools and functionality
  • Creative workarounds for banned content


  • Limited apps
  • Many popular titles unavailable

Program available in other languages

Huawei AppGalleryfor Android

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