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Downmi is a free application that lets you download different ROMs and installers for mobile device operating systems. It’s easy to use, and you can download various options for each version of the OS. This MIUI ROM download utility tool supports various devices from brands, Xiaomi, POCO, and Redmi. The interface is simplistic and won’t distract you from the installation process.


Before downloading the ROM for each OS version, you need to select the device you're using or downloading it on. The app shows a picture and the name of each phone or tablet model. This tool supports Mi, POCO, and Redmi devices

Plenty of versions

When selecting the ROM after choosing your device, you have various options available for your selection. You can select the latest updated OS or older options for MIUI 12 or Android one to download. All files are readily available, with a comprehensive selection of over 6,000 links from which to pick the best one that provides the best download speeds for your location.

Lots of options

When deciding which file you'd like to download from the list on Downmi, you can select a boot method. The fastboot option acts as an alternative to the recovery mode that's also available. The tool is a handy way to update or install any software quickly.

Recovery mode installations act as a useful way to regain access to your device. Selecting this ROM version is often a great idea if you experience issues with your current operating system. You can download this model for Android and MIUI OS options.

Easy to use interface

The interface that Downmi uses is simplistic and somewhat outdated but is still quite easy to navigate and use. The white background provides excellent visibility to read the details of each OS version. Additionally, the process of selecting your device uses images that are clear and visible and a drop-down menu for the specific model.

Our take

Overall, Downmi is a reliable application that can quickly download any mobile OS that you need. Alternatively, you can use ROM Installer or ROM Manager to find compatible ROMS for your device. However, it may take longer to select the right option. On the other hand, this app is easy to use when selecting the file to download and completes the process within moments.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you need to download an Android or MIUI ROM on your device, this application is a quick and easy method of finding the files you need for installing them on your device.


  • Downloads both Android and MIUI ROMs
  • Simplistic interface


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