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Free customizable browser for Windows

Baidu Browser, previously called Baidu Spark Browser, offers video download, screenshot capture, mouse gesture navigation, and a built-in virus scanner, ensuring that you have absolutely everything that you need for an almost perfect web browser experience. 

Facebook integration

Facebook is a popular platform with world renown. In fact, it’s the go-to for the average person looking to reconnect with old friends and share their lives with close friends and family. Baidu integrates with Facebook seamlessly due to their partnership.

Handy tools

Baidu has a bit of everything, and it’s China’s most frequented search engine. It boasts a youthful design that lets you customize to your personal preference. You can choose from several different skins to improve the attractiveness of your search engine.

This search engine for Windows PC also has several ‘special tools’, including a torrent downloader, a downloads manager, and a capture screenshots area.

Gesture control lets you save time by providing a smooth and time-efficient way to navigate with this browser, giving users various time-saving gestures for changing, opening, and closing tabs.

Lightweight & familiar

Baidu’s interface does not deviate significantly from alternative browsers such as the Opera Browser and Google Chrome. It is also remarkably lightweight, a quick download, and easy installation. Baidu is swift, loading web pages seamlessly, and offers an enjoyable browsing experience. 

Our take

Baidu Browser is full of built-in features that make it a great option. We love the variety of helpful tools that aren’t usually offered by other search engines, specifically Facebook integration, gesture control, and torrent downloads.  

Should you download it?

Yes, it is well worth the download if you’re looking to try a different browser with tons of features to use and enjoy. 


  • Lightweight
  • Gesture control
  • Facebook integration
  • Loads web pages fast


  • Other programs will be installed

Baidu Browserfor Windows


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