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AVG Secure Browser is a free web browser platform that protects your device from any malicious attacks. It’s linked to your antivirus account on Windows, while it also has VPN properties. It’s similar to Avast Secure Browser with how it manages your Chrome or Firefox settings.

When it comes to security, AVG Secure Browser has several uses. You’ll have privacy like a VPN provides, while there’s no data tracking. It blocks adverts for an improved browsing experience and ensures your banking details are encrypted. When you want to go online without anyone spying on your activity, the browser does what it can to keep you anonymous.

Safe, private browsing

The primary focus of AVG Secure Browser is to let you surf the internet with as much protection as possible. While some other browsers promise to protect your data, there have been plenty of leaks over the past. It takes security to the next level, watching out for phishing, malware, viruses, and more.

The software program has a Webcam Guard tool so no one can access your camera remotely. It also checks your cache and stored data to see if anything malicious is slowing down your browser. 


Another handy feature of AVG Secure Browser is that it blocks any adverts from appearing. If you land on a site that has ads activated, you may receive a message asking you if you’d like to disable the function. The antivirus program will advise you whether it’s safe to do so, but at least you’ll have more control.

Secure encryption

When it comes to online banking, there’s always the fear that someone will obtain your password and steal your funds or access your emails. AVG Secure Browser has advanced data encryption with a different portal for banking in your browser. You can also make online payments without worrying that hackers will see the details.

No tracking

Some sites place cookies in your cache so they can study your browser behavior. It helps them tailor adverts to draw your attention to new products. AVG Secure Browser prevents tracking, while the VPN option lets you watch online streams in other countries without anyone seeing your I.P. address.

Is AVG Secure Browser any good?

What makes AVG Secure Browser good is that you can customize many of the functions. It makes it more flexible and adaptable for your purposes. You can also select which tools you want active at specific moments, such as only activating banking security when you want to log into your account. It also integrates with your AVG antivirus client if you have it installed.

Our take

AVG Secure Browser is one of the top options if you don’t trust your standard browser. It provides additional security and firewalls, making it harder for hackers to access your information.

Should you download it?

Yes, especially if you have an AVG account that you can link to your browser.


  • Several tools and functions that you can customize
  • Includes ad-block and prevents tracking
  • Provides an additional VPN
  • Masks your browsing activity


  • You might need to install other AVG products

AVG Secure Browserfor Windows


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