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SeaMonkey for Windows, Mac and Linux

SeaMonkey is an all-in-one internet application suite. It is host to a variety of tools you might find necessary while browsing the web.

A browser with a fresh look

SeaMonkey finds a way to include all the best features found in more mainstream browsers.

Quite a few people struggle while trying to run memory-heavy software. Luckily, this program is less than 40MB in size. It doesn’t require a hefty amount of resources to run it. Where the competition struggles to keep the wheels turning, SeaMonkey makes everything fast and smooth.

The features include tabbed browsing, a pop-up blocker, and a fully integrated search engine. You might consider setting SeaMonkey to clear your cache, cookies, and browser history each time you close the program. The privacy mode included does this automatically when you want to avoid being tracked! Session restore is included, which means you don’t have to worry much about closing the browser by accident. It restores everything you were doing.

Something that will attract a large majority of users is that the application has constant updates. This means that there are improvements made to every feature already included, as well as new features added all the time. This is what sets SeaMonkey apart from other broad internet application suites. A community of passionate developers is behind every tweak that is made.

Where can you run this program?

It can run on any operating system on personal computers. This means Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Is there a better alternative?

There are plenty of options available when looking for browsers. Firefox, Chrome, and Brave include a large variety of features. These are direct competition with SeaMonkey. However, the community behind SeaMonkey makes it stand out.

Our take

SeaMonkey has a lot to offer. There are features that you don’t miss until you’ve tried them. Once you got SeaMonkey, you can’t go back.

Should you download it?

Absolutely. It’s lightweight, safe, and provides so much for surfing the web. It’s a toolbox for everyone who seeks to improve their online experience.


  • A complete browser suite
  • Email and news feed client
  • An integrated web feed reader
  • HTML and web development tools


  • No username/password transfer
  • A few bugs
  • Inconsistent updates

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

SeaMonkeyfor Windows


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