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Internet Explorer 8: An old web browser

Remember Internet Explorer 8 for Windows? It came out in 2009 and Microsoft hoped it would be better than previous versions. But how does it look now, in a world where websites load instantly and browsers are packed with great features? Let's take a look at the past.

Look and feel

Internet Explorer 8 for Windows looks old-fashioned. The tabs are square, the toolbar takes up too much space and it doesn't have the clean design we are used to. Compared to today's browsers, it is slow and unpleasant to use.


Internet Explorer 8 for Windows tried to add some new things like "Accelerators" (like the first add-ons) and "Web Slices" (to keep track of updates on your favourite sites). The ideas were good but didn't catch on because they were limited.

On the security side, Internet Explorer 8 had a SmartScreen filter to help with suspicious websites. But even this was not enough to deal with all the online threats at the time, let alone the threats we have now.

Speed and websites

Where Internet Explorer 8 for Windows suffered was its slowness; websites took a long time to load and lagged in use. It also didn't work with the latest web technologies, so many websites didn't display correctly.

Our take

Internet Explorer 8 for Windows might have been a minor improvement when it came out, but browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome overtook it pretty quickly. It's interesting to look back on, but not something you'd want to use today.

Should you download it?

If you like using Internet Explorer, you can give it a chance. If you don't want to get nostalgic, this app might not be for you. Using Internet Explorer 8 for Windows today can expose you to security risks and make browsing more frustrating than necessary. There are much better, more secure options out there.


  • Compatibility with legacy systems
  • Familiar options


  • Performance issues
  • Poor standards compliance
  • Limited features
  • Significant security vulnerabilities

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Internet Explorer 8for Windows


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