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Free mobile browser and wallet

MetaMask is a free wallet and browser application that combines features from Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet, Cards Mobile Wallet, and Chrome. You can use blockchain technology to browse the internet and store your cryptocurrency funds. After you install the app, you can transfer various currencies such as Etherium or Bitcoin.

The developer included a password generator and key vault to ensure your funds are secure. To protect your trading, it also created a decentralized web so no one can spy on your activity. It also lets you safely play games and publish content.

Safe browsing and exchange

One of MetaMask’s key features is the ability to use its secure browser to surf the decentralized web. You can also install the Chrome extension if you want to access Etherium distributed applications. When you’re using the Android app, it serves as a wallet for sending, receiving, and trading crypto with other members.

Supported coins

While the extension mostly deals with Etherium, the mobile app supports numerous coins and tokens. A few examples are ETH, ETC, USDT, BAT, USDC, ERC-20, and ERC-20 tokens. You’ll need to create an account and see which cryptocurrencies are available in your region to accept and send. However, the interface is challenging to use for beginners and experts.

High transaction fees

One of the primary complaints is the high gas price for even small transactions. While most wallets require you to pay a fee to support the app’s functionality, MetaMask’s transaction fees are expensive compared to the competitors. You’ll need to evaluate each one to ensure you aren’t paying more than you want to.

Our take

MetaMask takes blockchain to a new level with the intuitive browser that also serves as a wallet. You may find the app challenging to use, and there may be frustration with sending and receiving coins. However, it’s still a decent application if you’re looking to secure your funds and keys in a vault.

Should I download it?

Yes, but it may be worthwhile investigating other options. For instance, Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet provides access to various trading platforms with more coins available. You’ll need to check whether its high transaction fees are worth it for you.


  • Supports numerous coins
  • Provides safe browsing
  • Quick to send and receive crypto curriencies


  • High fees for small transactions
  • Not user friendly

MetaMaskfor Android


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