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LIC Agent App: Insurance Plans at Your Fingertips

LIC Agent App is a free business and productivity app that provides insurance plans for every type of client. With its built-in premium calculator, you can compare or calculate insurance quotes, saving you money and helping you invest in the right plan. The app also allows you to download forms for various purposes.

To access LIC Agent App, simply enter your user code and password or use your MPIN to sign in. If you're a new user, you can tap "Application for Agent Portal Access" to obtain a PDF copy of the registration form.

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is a renowned state-owned insurance provider with a wide range of insurance plans. LIC Agent App allows you to browse through their extensive catalog, which includes health plans, whole life plans, and more. Each policy is accompanied by a description of its features, eligibility conditions, and other relevant information, making it easy to choose the right plan for yourself or your family.

The app also features a premium calculator, where you can input your personal details and choose to calculate or compare life insurance quotes. This helps you make informed decisions and determine the amount you need to invest in your preferred policy.

Additionally, LIC Agent App offers a variety of downloadable forms organized into seven categories, including assignment, alteration, revival, loan, nomination, salary saving scheme, and individual pension plan. You can also share these forms with others if needed. However, one downside is that selecting "Register Portal Feedback" or "Track Portal Feedback" does not immediately take you to the main menu.

In conclusion, LIC Agent App provides a convenient platform for accessing and comparing insurance plans. Its premium calculator and downloadable forms make it easier to make informed decisions and manage your insurance requirements.

LIC Agent Appfor Android


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