MediaFire Desktopfor Windows


MediaFire allows you to store files and later share them with friends, family, and the online community with ease, which makes it a good all-in-one solution.

File hosting for big data

MediaFire gives you the power to upload and download almost any file from their online storage with a few simple clicks. 

Mediafire is a free file hosting service. You get a free service, and if you just want to download, then there’s no need to create an account.

From Minecraft mods to photo galleries to your ebooks and music videos, your favorite download sites all use Mediafire to host their files. You know you’re getting a reliable service, for free.

If you go pro, you won't be bothered by advertisements. If you take the annual plan, you cut costs by over a dollar per month. Basic plans offer long term storage with no captcha codes. You’ll even get a massive 1TB of space to store your personal files, files as large as 20 gigabytes each.

Additional benefits for upgrading to pro include protecting your files with passwords and one-time links, bulk file, and folder downloading as well as letting you upload your files from any website.

The file hosting service is also available for your mobile device with full access to all your favorite features from Mediafire. From your phone you access your files or upload new ones, download files, and share them easily with the contacts.

Where can you run this program?

Mediafire is a browser service that can be run in all Windows operating systems. 

Is there a better alternative?

Many services such as Google Drive and Dropbox have great file hosting, but they lack the features that Mediafire offers. For example, supporting file hosting for websites to allow easy downloading.

Our take

Mediafire is one of the most popular services available for file hosting and downloading. It offers ten gigabytes for free and a secure download service.

Should you download it?

Yes, in combination with its mobile app Mediafire caters to every file hosting need and offers an upgraded solution, with interesting extras, for a good price.

MediaFire Desktopfor Windows

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