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Technology to enhance learning

Class Dojo is an app for teachers to communicate with parents, share school activities, and award positive or negative points. It aims to form a community that helps to improve the learning experience for all involved.

More isn’t always better

A learning tool to connect parents, teachers, and students that has potential, but doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Class Dojo includes a decent messaging service, which makes parents and teachers’ lives easier through communication. The main aim of the application is to help parents and students see their progress on a regular basis. The points system on the app adds to this function, as well as the option to share images. You can connect with the activities that your children enjoy at school.

This tool is used for a variety of purposes for different teachers and schools, which means that if there is a feature that you like or don’t like, you may not be able to control how it is implemented. Another point of concern is the issue of privacy. If the image function is activated, pictures of your child shared on this app are not guaranteed private.

Regular use of this app brings a few other problems to mind. For example. you may face errors logging into your account. Although Class Dojo has a notifications feature, it doesn’t always function correctly. You’ll miss messages, leading to a breakdown in communication rather than an improvement. The learning tool demonstrates student progress through a handy status report; however, the report fails to load on a regular basis. The app is, to say the least, with its faults. 

Where can you run this program?

Class Dojo runs on Android 5.0 and above.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes. Although it depends on what your school uses, you could try Teacher Class123 to escape privacy issues and other errors.

Our take

The success of the app lies in its use and lack of errors. Since some of the core functions are affected by heavy bugs, Class Dojo falls short across the board. 

Should you download it?

No. If you want a hassle-free learning communication tool, this isn’t for you.


  • Demonstrates progress clearly
  • Easy share function


  • Account errors
  • Erratic notifications
  • Display errores
  • Privacy issues

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ClassDojofor Android


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