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Best free painting software so far

Over time, the creative scene has revolutionized from the ordinary paintbrush and canvas set up. Technology gave artists new tools for them to use and express themselves. Now that almost everything has gone digital, the need for powerful software to create art is on the rise. While such programs are readily available, most come with steep monthly subscriptions and high learning curves. Thankfully, Krita gives creatives a better, more accessible solutions to their dilemma.

Always within reach

Getting the best creative tool does not mean paying for monthly subscription fees. Krita is a powerful program that will help your creative juices flow.

Accessibility is just one of Krita's selling point. Anyone, whether it be a student or seasoned professional, can use it. It’s free to use for both personal and commercial purpose thanks to its GNU General Public License. Plus, Krita can run on devices you can't consider cutting-edge anymore. Using this software is a good way for you to dust off the dust being collected atop your old laptops. 

It offers solid support to new artists through the use of features that will help improve their art. A good example would be the stroke stabilization functionality that smoothens the lines you create. The mirror tool shapes up to be a serviceable function for newbies to use for creating and practicing symmetry which may come difficult to beginners.

Their website has a knowledge base with resources for external tutorials, tool packs, as well as Python plugins for additional features. This means you can modify the software according to your taste and your purpose. Users whose primary language isn't English can change the display language to make navigation easy. 

Jack of all trades

You're sure to get more than what standard image manipulation programs can bring to the table. This free software is highly-versatile which is why artists who work on VFX, animation, and other digital illustrators flock over to this open-source software.

Its key features include traditional 2D animation, customizable presents, highly-scalable modern canvas powered by OpenGL, and more. Moreover, you can create vector art within this software. This is helpful for people who are into making vector graphics because some Krita alternatives don’t have this.

Color fans will also geek out over the 6 different color models supported by Krita. You can select between six options: RGB, CYMK, YCbCr, La*b*, XYZ, and Grayscale. The software actually tops the color models offered by the leading raster graphics editor, Photoshop.

No ifs or buts

Now, this may sound strange for people who prefer specialized programs for their work, but this is a seriously reliable software. Even other Krita reviews rave about it having minimal bugs. The most encountered issue occurs when the program takes up too much RAM which you can troubleshoot with a quick visit to the Advanced Tab.

It’s a good alternative to paid options in the market. This software is just as versatile and as powerful as other brands. Suffice to say, the open-source nature of Krita does not hurt them one bit. Its developers listen to the needs of each user and they make a way to constantly improve the creative experience.

Although it started as a simple image editing software, Krita has gone a long way in terms of what it can do. Of course, no software is perfect. Some of its features don’t run as smooth and you’d be better off doing on a separate program like the text tool. Still, you can’t change the fact that this art application packs a punch.

Where can you run this program?

Krita works on both Windows and Linux computers. If you plan to paint using this application, you must make sure that you're using a Windows 7 or higher operating system. It's also recommended to have at least 2GB RAM or higher.

Apart from the free version you can get on their website, paid versions of the application are also available on the Windows Store and Steam Store. Getting these will give you automatic updates whenever there's a new one available. Keep in mind, however, that the Windows Store version is suitable only for Windows 10. Moreover, once the store fees are deducted, your money will be donated to support the development of the program. 

Since Krita is an open-source program, you can also download their source code directly on their website. This way, you can study, modify, and even distribute Krita under GNU GPL v3 license. Consequently, older versions of the app are also available for download.

Is there a better alternative?

Artweaver Free is another excellent creative tool. It has a wide selection of brushes and allows you to create a more realistic, traditional media. Make realistic digital paintings using its child-friendly interface. You can also use this tool with your mouse, stylus, or your touchscreen monitor. Its selection of brushes includes familiar ones like conte brushes, calligraphy pens, airbrushes, and many more. No need to worry about messing up parts of your work as this program supports layers to let you paint more efficiently.

If you want to dabble with 3D painting, Microsoft Paint 3D is a good platform to start with. It can convert regular artwork to 3D models. Click the 3D Objects button and get the fun started. You may also opt to start by doodling your ideas on a flat surface using the selection of tools provided. 'Inflate' your artwork to make it three-dimensional which you can view on different angles. Finish your work with different textures like matte, gloss, dull, or polished metal. It offers limited, yet powerful tools.

Our take

Krita is a well-built creative tool that won't drill a hole in your pocket. It's very easy to use and it has a solid support system that makes it easier for new users to learn how to navigate it. It's packed with features that help you translate your creative juices into something amazing.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you don't have the budget, consider getting the free version on the Krita official website. But if you have a couple of dollars to spare, it wouldn't hurt to get the paid versions as your money will greatly help in the development of this amazing tool.


  • Absolutely free
  • Customizable
  • Friendly interface


  • Can be heavy on the RAM
  • Incomplete documentation
  • Touch control needs improvement

Krita Desktopfor Windows


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